My Cool Necklace Pendent ^^

As all local university is having convocation this weekend, my lecture class is cancel starting from Tuesday afternoon, but I decided to stay at Perlis til Thursday to accompany my baby =) So I reach home this Thursday and part of the reason for going back home is because my sister is coming back from China.

It's great to see her again since Chinese New Year, and I'm excited because I'm getting my early birthday present from her too^^

My necklace collection - just 6

I love accessory and start collecting them since last year. The fact is it's hard to find decent looking necklace pendent for guys with a reasonable price at my area. Good thing is there's a lot of this great stuff at China and my sister brought 3 necklace for me this time.

I love my 3 new necklace pendent and I think it somehow represent a part of me~

Dragon - My chinese zodiac is dragon
Music - The music notes shows the fact that I love music
Feather - I think this represent the freedom I want, but I thought of badminton everytime I see it^^

I love all the necklace ~ Thx sis^^

The END~
P/S: One more day at home, One more day and I will be seeing you, miss you so much :-x

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