New Beginning~

It has been a long time since the last time i update my blog. No much mood to do things, and staying at home doing almost nothing except facebook can be really frustrating. Sign~ What else can I do to save my boring life, haha.

Today is the 1st day for the new undergraduate student of 1st semester (09/10) . I'm feeling pretty excited as I will be seeing many faces ( I hope~ ) when I start my 3rd semester in University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). Hopefully there will be much more Chinese enter UniMAP, especially for mechanical engineering course, especially girls ;p haha~ just kidding about the girls part. I still can recall back when I first enter UniMAP, the beginning of my Uni life and now seem time go so fast that I already finish my 1st year. I truly hope that for all my junior, they will be starting their exciting and fun period of their life and enjoy it :)

Good Luck on your orientation week :)

I still miss her badly. Even that I have stop sms with her for quite a long time already, I can still feel her present in my heart. My mind repeatedly replaying the moment of being with her, so happy that i want to be with her even more. I still always wonder if she will be thinking about me during this semester break, I have been avoiding sms with her as i scare her boyfriend will found out and i don't want her to be in trouble. I like her so much but I cannot ask more from her. Should I just give up on her or wait til she say yes to me??

I think most of the blogger out there had write about MJ, that the legend of pop sadly pass away. Although I'm not a fan of yours' ,but after seeing MJ's concert replay last night, I must say that I respect you and you will always be the legend in our heart.

You are not alone,
For I'm here with you,
Though you're far away,
I am here to stay~

You are not alone,
For I'm here with you,
Though we're far apart,
You're always in my heart~

You are not alone~~ (To MJ and the princess in my heart)


Early Arrive~

Today is Father's day, so first of all I would like to wish all dad around the world "Happy Father's Day" :)

Like Mother's day, our family didn't celebrate it. Yea I know, it did sounds weird but it's normal in our family I guess. Our family member (Including me) is not very good in expressing ourself, wishing other people sometimes seems like a hard thing to do. I call it "Our family thing", haha.

My eldest sister brought my dad a watch, and at the same time brought me one as well for my upcoming birthday (August 28th), 2 month earlier =.="", but I don't mind getting present earlier ;) . My present is also a watch, Chevignon brand, and cost around RM100+. My sis told me it's supposely cost about 400+ but after discount turn to 100+ ,swt=.="". The first thought in my mind is "Must be unpopular product, that's why discount so much", haha.

My Watch

Well it turn out quite ok for me, thought I think it's a little big for me, but i think I will get used to it:) The watch looks kind of classic and bold, just something that I'm looking for :) ,Thanks sis for this cool present :) and also thanks to my future brother in-law for choosing this watch for me ;)

I'm writing this blog earlier as later (12a.m) suppose will be undergoing maintainance. Tomorrow finally I can get to group with my buddy and play badminton, hehe. Looking forward for tomorrow :)

Wonder how you are doing today?? How's is your family celebrating Father's day?? I guess all your brother sister will be back to celebrate for him, "Happy Father's Day" to your dad :)

The End~
P.S. Mistaken the Father's Day date=.="", really paiseh....hehe..

Kind of boring~

As the title show, I really begin to feel kind of boring staying at home. My friends are either go work, do something else, not free, already went to study and etc. So just left me, at home doing nothing, well i did do something ( Facebook, YouTube, listen song, ....... ) but doing it over and over again is driving me nuts. Some more i don't seems to have mood to watch all the drama available.


Actually I been planning to do lot's of things at home during this semester break. Going out and hang out with my buddy is part of it of course, brush up my Korean language skill before it get rust out, and many other things (secret), haha. I have already accomplish part of it so far but now i feel kind of no mood and lazy, hehe.

Today, when I was surfing the net, I saw article about origami so I decided to learn one of the origami that I always wanted to make. It's actually just a normal heart shape :)

Pretty isn't it?? Haha... I'm so proud of myself :)

Tomorrow I have to all alone again. The original plan is to play badminton at morning but one of my friend is not free =.=", now planning how to spend my time tomorrow. Everytime lonely I will start missing her again...~Sigh~

The End.


Today is the day which we start register our course for the 3rd semester, so as soon as my handphone wake me up at 8.30a.m, I open my laptop and start my day:) During the course registration, there is some small problem about the wajib course we want to choose (me and my coursemate) and sudden change of subject we will study next semester, but in the end we solve all problem and successfully register our subject.


The subject listed above is the subject that i will be taking next semester, hopefully for the 3rd semester i can score higher GPA result :)

Since yesterday I have been thinking of how to solve my problem (about her). Many question just continue to pop up in my mind, and I just couldn't really understand what and why. After thinking about this, I have decided to just let myself away for a while. I mean there is no reason i should doubt about her and I trust her for every decision she make. Maybe next semester i will have all my answer when I meet with her again. I'm looking forward to that day :)

The End
P.S. Never in my life that i have seen such beautiful smile like yours', the smile that I will treasure for the rest of my life... Miss you so much...


Not very sure what will be a suitable title for this post so put "Sunday", haha. Well today start as any normal day, as I'm enjoying my semester break at home doing nothing, seems everyday is like the same to me, that's why i decided to step out from my house today and have some activities :)

Today I ask one of my buddy Jason to go to Mengkuang Dam with me, and we depart around 5p.m. After quite a long distance, we finally reach our destination. It has been a long time since the last time i went there and the surrounding and scenery is still as beautiful as last time. We walk along the road and talk about our uni life. We share almost the same fate, in love matter. Until about 6.30p.m we went back home. I think i will try go Mengkuang more often, as it's a good place to relax and exercise. I love nature :)

At night my friend ask me out for PAA class reunion, well it's not really look like a reunion to me, just a few came and everyone are talking with their own gang. Kinda of boring to me, but it's a way to kill time also, haha. How I wish I can spend my time with her, every time spend with her is a miracle to me, seeing her and be with her is only thing matter to me. My friends around advice me that i should give up on her, but how can i just let go like that.

Being with her is not a choice for me anymore, for now i just want to be with her forever. She make me realise that i only want and waited for her in my entire life. It's not because she is pretty alone attracted me, but her innocent, clumsiness, and every every personality about her that make me feel that i want to protect her and be with her for the rest of my life. The feeling is so strong as it won't fade away even after this semester break end. I'm hopelessly in love with you, but can you feel that same way??

The End~

My Heart~ 我输了

It's already 1.19a.m by now but i still decide to write my 2nd post as I not really feeling sleepy yet, haha :) Just now i watch the movie "Home" which is about our very Earth and how the selfishness of mankind are killing Earth, our own home planet. Well, although the movie is kinda boring, much boring than I expected, but it did deliver the main point and I hope this movie can affect all it's viewer out there. So let us unite and safe our Earth :)

It have been 1 day, well 2 day i guess if consider that it's over 12 when i'm writing now since the day she message me. Just another common forward message, the same kind that she will use to reply me, for example : .............................. ermmm, let's skip that part, haha. I have been telling myself to control my feeling, everyday i will be thinking what is she trying to tell me. Is she just want to be friend?? Is she avoiding me? Or is she need more time?

Telling myself that keep sending sms to her is not a wise move, i restricted myself from doing it. I'm fighting hard for the near 48 hour of struggle, keep holding my handphone, type message and delete it again is making me crazy, and by that time i understand "Love is like heroin". Addict to her, missing her, and in the end i press the send button. 我输了,输给了思念,输给了你。


The End for this post, but never be ending of missing you~~

P.S. I know multiple languague: English, Chinese, Malay, and a little bit Korean and Japanese,
so don't be surprise to see all language in one post :)

My 1st Time~~

Hello~~I'm new to this blogging thing so i will introduce a bit about my blog :)

Well, I'm not really interest in blogging at first but i feel that there are many stuff running through my mind so i have this idea of putting all this into writing and share it to the world~~haha....

The title of my blog, "One more time, One more chance" is actually a inspiration from a song that i really like, it's a Japanese song by Masayoshi Yamazaki. The song is about the feeling of regret and hoping to change the fact by giving one more chance, which I'm sure that many many people feel the same way through some period of life. I like this song very much and it never fail to make me feel better whenever i feel sad and depress because of love.

I'm current on semester break, just finish my 2nd semester and glad to know that i got 3.51 for my GPA, YEAH!!! Although 3.51 is not a very good result, I'm still glad because already over my target (3.50), ermm...yea i know, just over 0.01, haha... and I had improve compare to last semester. Haven't told my mom about this yet but i think she will be happy to know it :)

Hmmm....That's all for now, next post i will start writing my thought and feeling. For now, i feel this blog is for me and you (the girl i misses so much) ,there are many things that i want to share with you, but sometimes it's seems to be impossible to reach you, i really hope you can see this blog and understand my feeling for you~~


P.S. Will always be missing you~~

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