What I Learn From The Karate Kid

Yesterday me and my buddy went for a movie, facing the decision of choosing which two movie to watch (The Karate Kid and A-Team) In the end we choose to watch The Karate Kid first~ which is REALLY AWESOME :D

Now what did I learn from The Karate Kid?? Well first it's really The Kung Fu Kid, because to me that's is Kung Fu, but I guess everyone knows that. Now its time to reveal what I REALLY learn about The Karate Kid. WARNING *SPOILER* Please do not proceed further if you don't want to know the spoiler :D

This is the Kung Fu way to reach for the sky ^^

The best fights are the ones you avoid ~ run FASTER Xiao Dre :D

No weakness, no fear, no mercy - Never follow this loser motto!!!

Kung fu is in everything we do. How we put on a jacket, how we take off a jacket ~ Gonna practice it now...

If you want to win, go drink the dragon well - then you will never be defeated!!!

If you wanna tackle a China girl, treat her some big fried bug - irresistible

Kissing in the cinema might be a good idea, but I'm not sure if you kiss in front of the projector, haha..

Never bring your Mama to see your tournament, too distracting :D

Life will knock us down but we can choose whether or not to get back up - to kick our foe's ass :D

The movie is really great especially the final tournament, Xiao Dre really knock him down :D Do check out the movie if you haven't watch it at your nearest cinema^^

The END~
P/S: A-TEAM next :D


It's movie time guys. Although this is not a new movie, got it from my sis so I assume she should have a good taste too :P

Movie Title: Penelope

"What makes us different makes us beautiful"

Penelope Wilhern is a young woman from a wealthy family with all the qualities to make an excellent match for any other well-bred man of her status. However, the one thing that sets her apart is her nose, which, in fact, resembles that of a PIG. This brings up the old family history where generations ago, a witch placed a curse on the Wilhern family because their son had impregnated her daughter, one of their servants. The son offered marriage but his family refused and married him off to another. The witch's daughter, overwrought, threw herself off a cliff. The witch cursed the Wilherns so that the next girl born into the clan having the face of a pig. For generations, only sons were born into the family, until five generations later when Penelope was born, stricken with the curse. It is said that the curse can only be lifted if one of her own learns to love her, which is interpreted by her parents to mean a blueblood - a person from an established noble family.

The story follow up with her parent protect her from being expose to public and attempt to introduce her to possible rich suitors, hoping that one of them will fall in love with her and break the curse. Unfortunately, every man who lays eyes on the girl takes flight at first sight, never to return.

In the end did Penelope manage to find her true love and break this awful curse??

Here are some scene from the movie:

What a cute little piggy^^

A grown up beautiful piggy :P

Haha, really love this part :D

To find out more do check out the movie, quite nice for me ~ just like another fairy tale^^

The END~
P/S: ^@@^

Loving Moment at Kek Lok Si

A few weeks ago (sorry for the late update^^), after our trip at Langkawi my gf and I went over Penang island because she want to visit the famous Kek Lok Si Temple :D So after the Penang Bridge and turning left and right we finally reach our destination (Thx to CQ :D)

Fact: This is my FIRST time visited Kek Lok Si!!! and I live in Penang =.=""

The view in Kek Lok Si is really nice :D

Kek Lok Si's Turtles - So MANY of them

You guys should see how all the so call "slow-mo" turtles fight for their food :D


Many hall inside Kek Lok Si with many different Buddha Statue

On the Way to the TOP

Magnificent shot taken by me :D

Beautiful scenery of Kek Lok Si

Me and Mindy together with the Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Mindy posing with little Mickey and Piggy :P

All my coolest buddy resting (avoid being under hot sun :D)

The Main Attraction of Kek Lok Si - The 30.2m bronze statue of the Guan Yin (Beautiful Art)

Not to forget the old Guan Yin still there :D

The lovely couple :P

Very thanks to all my buddy for showing the direction, really enjoy that day =)

The END~

Watching WWDC 2010 on iPhone 4 Release

A few days ago, Steve Jobs, Chairman and CEO of Apple made an announcement of the release of new 4th generation iPhone: iPhone 4 which is absolutely one of the greatest existing smart phone in the planet now. It's unfortunate that I can't be one of 5200 attendees in the Worldwide Developers Conference that was held in San Francisco but I finally get to see the whole conference video today. If you guys are interested simply search for WWDC 2010 torrent and you will find it =)

Anyway, as I look at Steve and I was like OMG, he wear the same black long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans through out all the conferences held by Apple, and not just that, try Google Steven Jobs to find his image and you will see ~ the same clothes on every picture!!! Unbelievable :D that's a small little fact that you all might want to know :P

As the conference start, Steven introduce iPad as one of the most incredible device, changing the way we experiencing the internet, pictures, movies and its is magical too as Steven received email ~

I was sitting in a cafe with my iPad, and it got a girl interested in me. Now that's what i call a magical device!
That's the proof :D Well I think every guy would want that magical device too~

I continue watching until Steve finally say: "Now I would like to talk about the iPhone" :D Steven says: In 2007 the iPhone re-invents the phone - a revolution, in 2008 we added 3G networking and apps store, in 2009 the iPhone 3GS is twice as fast with video recording and in 2010 we gonna take the biggest leap since the original iPhone - iPhone 4.

As Steven introducing the iPhone 4 I'm really fall in love to it instantly. With the all new design, retina display technology giving sharpest, most vibrant, highest resolution phone screen ever, longer battery life, New A4 chip that enable GPS, accelerometer, compass and newly gyroscope which giving more sensor to iPhone for detecting rotation about gravity and perfect for gaming.

Not to forget 5 MP for camera with LED flash light and the backside illumination sensor make the picture better, and also HD video recording with 720p at 30fps. The movie editing apps is great to edit video on the iPhone 4. Finally the iOS 4, the new operating system for iPhone which enable multitasking, and also addition 100 other new user feature.

Really there is so much about this smart phone and I'm gonna attach this video here so u can see how the iPhone 4 work by yourself =)

IPhone 4 Official Video by Apple. WWDC 2010. - More free videos are here

For more detail information about iPhone 4 spec you can check on Apple website at here =)

The END~
P/S: I'm not going to buy this phone if you ask me, I'm a poor blogger =.="

Killing My Boredom ~ In Rome

When laziness and lack of creativity clash, I end up trying really hard to think of what to do at home today. I'm not rich enough to fly myself to Rome but I actually downloaded the movie "When In Rome" and decided to check it out ~ to kill my boredom.

Movie Title: When In Rome

"All is fair in love and Rome" The movie is about a successful and single Guggenheim art curator Beth (Kristen Bell) is at a point in her life where love seems like a luxury she just can't afford. One day, she flies to Rome to attend her younger sister impulsive wedding and she meets Nicholas Beamon (Josh Duhamel), who rescues her in a couple of difficult situations but is just as much clumsy as she is, not to mention always getting "hit" lol~

Just as Beth convinces herself to believe in love again, she sees Nick kissing another woman. Slightly drunk, she picks up coins (a poker chip, a rare coin, a penny, a quarter and a nickel) from the “fountain of love”. She later learns from Joan that according to legend, if you take coins from the fountain, the owner of the coin will fall in love with whoever took the coin. She has to return the coins back to the fountain to break the spell.

First I think they can much better poster than this one, haha. Well from that poster there is really nothing much I can expect from it, I think the movie still did a good job in entertaining me, especially the wedding scene and restaurant part :D

Scene of Beth and Nick in movie "When In Rome"
Movie Trailer

Personally I think the trailer is too long and pretty much show most of the funny part in this movie :D, but still its better to watch the whole movie and judge it yourself :)

Next ~ What else can I do to kill my boredom... Argh...

The END~
P/S: Wish we can go to Rome together baby^^ <3

The Fact Behind The First Cheque

This post is in conjunction with my previous post Bad News & Good News, which I would reveal some fact behind my journey in blogging until my very first cheque from Nuffnang :D

As some of you who know me from start, I register Nuffnang and start blogging at 1st of December 2009. I pressed cash out on 30th April, which means I get my earning within 5 months. It seems that way but actually I blog often during the first two month and slowly decrease due to hectic life in university. I still do my regular blogwalking whenever I free and this really play a important role, traffic only come when I blogwalk, happens to a average joe like me~

Everyone in Nuffnang know about CPC and CPM campaigns given by Nuffnang and how it works. Well for my first cheque 87% of earning is from CPC while only 13% of earning come from CPM. Now it feels like I'm doing my annual report on blogging =.=" Haha..

CPC earning is important and it bring more significant amount of earning for low traffic blogger like me :) Therefore, having friends support is crucial. I gain my support from my loyal friend/reader^^ and also not least all the supportive blogger friends that I know from Nuffnang :)

Ya~ The amount of my first cheque is really not that impressive compare to famous blogger celebrities, so I'm not bragging when I show the amount on my cheque~ I hate people blur out their earning amount too :P Getting the cheque reminds me of the time when I first register in Nuffnang, at that time I'm not convince I can get this amount on this short period, my effort and research do pay off :D (Thanks WeiZhong for introducing me Nuffnang^^)

Among the comment I get, there is a one question Pikey ask that is how would I spend the money. Well for that, I already promise to treat my Mindy and buddy to eat^^ the rest goes to saving :) Have to save money for some expensive gadget you know?? :P

Here I want to thanks all my friends and blogger in helping me to achieve this :) Thx to uLi.佑莉, Shuwen, nesca, FiSh, Janice, Lukey Cher Hong, xRaafikx, zool, Lindy, Cassie, Dewi Batrishya, Hilda Milda, thomas, Glo-w~*, kenwooi, pikey, SonnyKazu, Jaerragus, Nikel Khor, KwOnG FeI, ronikenz, jhon, hoay, nick, baboon tan, henry, Juju, J.Y 元, Jayleo, Fiona06, pennieyensun for commenting on my Bad News & Good News post :)

Also not to forget Adrian, Andy, Su Ting, Coerlly, Supia, Alpha Ace, Elaine, Ken, Jennifer, Ranae, w3ndee, nic da nic, Jping, kelvin, kenzo, omg so many~ Sorry if I miss out any of you...

and lastly, thanks Mindy, Chenlin, WeiZhong, FooKheng and my other close friends for being my loyal reader/visitor ^^


The END~
P/S: Sorry for the long post, wish I can cut out the credit but I can't :P

Bad News & Good News

I'm having a really bad mood since Wednesday as soon as I woke up, I know about my shitting result =.=" After all the hard work that I had gone through this is really not the result that I'm expecting. I guess I'm among the lowest in Chinese group in mechanical engineering course (and I guess all Malay got even worst result, they are pretty hopeless except one), but at least I did all my mid term and final paper by myself~ My own effort...

After that morning, the very same day I went to watch movie with my buddy (FooKheng, ChoonQuan, and ChenLin). Movie title: Prince Of Persia - The Sands of Time

Very Nice poster, Check out here too :P

Not going to elaborate the storyline here, but this is indeed one GOOD movie. Action scene adequate to hold me on my seat and my eyes on screen, not to mention good storyline which is fairly understandable. Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton make a great appearance and display good acting skill^^

Scene of their wet moment in the movie :D

I think the movie is a good thing~ I feel exhausted and depressed after reaching home, still in my mind, my terribly horrible result making my mood go down down down.....

Now, the real GOOD NEWS that I want to share with everyone^^ MY FIRST CHEQUE FROM NUFFNANG!!!
Can you guys see the amount?? Picture speaks a thousand words didn't it?? :D

The END~
P/S: Did you get your cheque baby?? :P

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