Watching WWDC 2010 on iPhone 4 Release

A few days ago, Steve Jobs, Chairman and CEO of Apple made an announcement of the release of new 4th generation iPhone: iPhone 4 which is absolutely one of the greatest existing smart phone in the planet now. It's unfortunate that I can't be one of 5200 attendees in the Worldwide Developers Conference that was held in San Francisco but I finally get to see the whole conference video today. If you guys are interested simply search for WWDC 2010 torrent and you will find it =)

Anyway, as I look at Steve and I was like OMG, he wear the same black long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans through out all the conferences held by Apple, and not just that, try Google Steven Jobs to find his image and you will see ~ the same clothes on every picture!!! Unbelievable :D that's a small little fact that you all might want to know :P

As the conference start, Steven introduce iPad as one of the most incredible device, changing the way we experiencing the internet, pictures, movies and its is magical too as Steven received email ~

I was sitting in a cafe with my iPad, and it got a girl interested in me. Now that's what i call a magical device!
That's the proof :D Well I think every guy would want that magical device too~

I continue watching until Steve finally say: "Now I would like to talk about the iPhone" :D Steven says: In 2007 the iPhone re-invents the phone - a revolution, in 2008 we added 3G networking and apps store, in 2009 the iPhone 3GS is twice as fast with video recording and in 2010 we gonna take the biggest leap since the original iPhone - iPhone 4.

As Steven introducing the iPhone 4 I'm really fall in love to it instantly. With the all new design, retina display technology giving sharpest, most vibrant, highest resolution phone screen ever, longer battery life, New A4 chip that enable GPS, accelerometer, compass and newly gyroscope which giving more sensor to iPhone for detecting rotation about gravity and perfect for gaming.

Not to forget 5 MP for camera with LED flash light and the backside illumination sensor make the picture better, and also HD video recording with 720p at 30fps. The movie editing apps is great to edit video on the iPhone 4. Finally the iOS 4, the new operating system for iPhone which enable multitasking, and also addition 100 other new user feature.

Really there is so much about this smart phone and I'm gonna attach this video here so u can see how the iPhone 4 work by yourself =)

IPhone 4 Official Video by Apple. WWDC 2010. - More free videos are here

For more detail information about iPhone 4 spec you can check on Apple website at here =)

The END~
P/S: I'm not going to buy this phone if you ask me, I'm a poor blogger =.="


Zenghoong said...

How I wish I could have one. :)

kianfai87 said...

for me, I will simpan my blog money until can buy a phone then withdraw it =X

Lukey Cher Hong said...

lol i still dun und the fuss bout the iphone. it's just like any normal phone to me except with more apps.

btw i bet steve jobs has an entire closet filled with the same shirt

Lean said...

Checking you out bruce. =)

Hilda Milda said...

that iphone4 looks so cool i bet it's going to be damn pricey!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

i normal phone aso duno how to use..iphone 4 i think gotta wait till next 10yrs ba..*ps im backdated one*

chenlin said...

Fell in love with iphone4 eh? Hws the W995 plan going??? Btw, it's sleek and stylish design really is

Bruce828 said...

Zenghoong: Haha, me too, my dream phone :D

Kianfai: Wow, how much u simpan d :P

Lukey: I can imagine that, same clothes everyday OMG

Lean: Thx man :D

Hilda Milda: Ya, too expensive lol

Nicole: haha~ can call and sms ok d :P

Chenlin: No money lar, wait I got more money first :P

FISh said...

you not gonna buy? then wait for it as a gift from your friends or relatives xD

uLi.佑莉 said...

iPhone 4 is indeed a good gadget! ^^

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Wa, we sama sama poor blogger cannot afford XD Have to continue using my offbeat obiang chapalang Soney Ericsson XD

Kelvin said...

Got no money to keep up with all this technology~

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