My 2009 Review

Just a few hour left before stepping into year 2010, so I would like to take this time to review back what I have done for this year 2009. Like other past year, but with some special moment happens and make me grow up and understand more about what life is about.

(Ding Ding~ experience up, from level 21 increase to level 22 ^^)

Here is some of the highlight on my life during 2009 ^^

Happens around mid January 2009, I was in my 2nd sem and my uni require us to enter one of the 7 pillars program: To walk 23.21km from MRSM beseri to the new permanent campus at Ulu Pauh.This is my longest walk of the year but definitely not the longest one in my life so far, the longest one is during Penang bridge run. The walk is much easy compare to the bridge run, and it was the first time I saw the area of my Uni's new campus: large area of land with nothing but the flag UniMAP, it was told that building is under construction and two school will be finish by the end of this year.

I'm usually a quite person and didn't talk a lot. For that making new friends is always a dificult thing for me as I need time to adapt myself and believing other people, but I'm very fortunate to meet with this 4 girls and befriend with them, because of them I learn and understand a lot about relationship.

C.P: To you, who often makes me confuse and brings the moment of sweet and sour into my life, we will always be friend. (Green Apple)

L.S: To you, who always help me in going through my heart-ache, thanks for all the advice and word you say means a lot to me^^

C.H: To you, who I always heard about from people around me, your love story may not be perfect but there will always something to look forward at~ Congratz^^

Bear: To you, who I still dunno much about, but don't ever feel alone in having trouble, because that's are what friends for~ C.P, L.S and C.H will listen to you^^

Now now, talking about achievement, for my third semester. From the picture you can see a statue made with mild steel plate being attach together using arc welding by me~ is my mini project title call "Graduation" Really proud of myself for doing all the welding work, but still I will take this opportunity to thanks my group member Sinli and Weizhong for painting and report.

For your information I actually start blogging on Jun just as my personal dairy to express my feeling through writing. After that I stop writing until my third semester break.
My friend WeiZhong convince me to join Nuffnang and I thought writing can be fun thing to do, expressing feeling, sharing information, making many blogger friends and most important~earning money at the same time!!! (Ha~ no la, earn money not the most important, maybe second? ^^) After 4th week with Nuffnang, my earning is now RM40^^, not very much but must thanks for all my blog viewer for visiting and clicking my blog~ THANKS^^

Two weeks before 28th October, I was thinking of what to give for my friend in Uni (Tete) as his birthday present, then out of sudden I thought about making a birthday wish dedication video for him. Quickly I start making plan on the video plot and come out with the theme for his birthday video~ Secret (不能说的秘密) a movie by JayChow. After days of planning and making, plus collecting wishes from his friends, the video turn out to be a success^^ Glad that everyone love my 1st made video.

Finally, I'm starting my 4th semester, and studying now at new permanent campus build by UniMAP. This feel like a whole new experience again, and actually this changes turns out to be not as bad as I would imagine. I even get my chance to show up in newspaper for first day of my 4th sem.Every subject is getting tougher and hopefully I can achieve my best state to study hard for this semester, no doubt~ must get good result!!!

For new year, I will make my new year resolution here: Hope that 2010 will be more exciting and fun year, I'm looking forward on what will happen^^ Surprise me :)
And to all of my friends~ Be happy always and let us all move to a whole new year^^

The END~

I'm in Newspaper !!!!

After living for 21 years, I never thought I can achieve this so fast in my life. I would imagine some time around my career building or contribute to society or mankind only can make me get this far. But now I get this even sooner then I expected~ I'm in national newspaper!!!

So as you can see I'm the one wearing red shirt and on the most left side of the picture. Haha, that's not me as the center of attraction (the old man on the most right side of the picture is my University V.C, always love to put his hand on other people's shoulder and start asking question), but I'm still very happy to be in the selected photo by Kwong Hwa Newspaper (it's a national chinese newspaper).

For more detail please check on this link ^^

The END~

My 4th Sem Start!!!

After one and a half month of semester break, finally its time to return to the very peaceful and boring state Perlis, feeling quite reluctant to return here as I haven't enjoy enough of my holiday yet, but at the same time I feel like want to challenge myself once again in study and study real hard this coming new sem.

I reach my hostel area Kg.Wai at 11.30a.m and get my house key. Like last semester, I change my house, roommate and house again. Currently my new roommate is WeiZhong if some of you all know him ^^, my housemate haven't complete yet, and my new house~KKD-33. Located quite far away from the main gate so I have to walk miles to bus stop and internet line connection here sucks (Now I'm online at my friends house=.=") But anyway, the highly adaptable me sure no problem one ^^ (Ha~ just kidding) That was yesterday~

Today is a historical moment~ 28th December 2009 (According to my Uni Vice Chancellor^^), I even feel nervous that I will wake up late til I wake up 3 times during my sleep=.=" Cut of all the detail~ Me together people from School of Mechatronic and Manufacturing arrive at Ulu Pauh for our first day this semester. Ulu Pauh is the location for our University (UniMAP)'s new permanent campus. Very large area surrounded by tree all over the place, UniMAP killing of the trees and build large concrete building (Sounds like Avatar lol)

All of our buildings are in gray color (Looks pretty like factory=.=) and only a little blue color in front of the entrance door. Inside the building looks quite ok, everywhere still looks like a maze to me, first thing is to find where the toilet is^^

Ok~ Now lets talk about lecture hall, one word~ Shit!! Look at those chair, PLASTIC CHAIR?? This is not even anything near what I would imagine in a normal hall=.=" And there is one special feature for our lecture hall, that is our lecture hall can transform into 2 lecture room!! Lol~ Who thought about this idea, adding portable wall divider and you can get 2 lecture room=.=

And there is locker, locker, and many locker all over the lab and lecture room~ Ermmm, is a good thing, I think ^^

There is still some part of the mechatronic area which is still in construction. I doubt about our V.C saying construction can complete on the end of feb~ See first la V.C ^^. As I was walking around the building, I finally found this~ a elevator!!

Haha~ Ermm, but wait, the door seems too small for a person to get in leh?? A special elevator for small guinea pig to come out?? ^^ Ha~ no la, is for things to be carry up the building.

What a day~ We finish our short brief on Mechanical Design subject and start walk around to explore our new building, and guess what?? I feel like I'm some sort of celebrity man^^ There are all this people who start coming out of no where carrying a cam-recorder and start shooting at us.

This guy riding motorcycle and saw us sitting then he start aim at us

And this guy

And this guy too^^ There are at least 7-8 guys shooting us^^

One more funny thing is our V.C touring his guest and visit the new building, and that time I was at the library. The V.C start come over and put on my shoulder and ask me~

V.C: "Son, is it the television great??"
Me: "Yes sir, very great indeed=.=" (Haha~ I modify the conversation la, but is something like that^^)

I will keep continue update on my new campus, today I feel like I'm first semester student again~ walking around here and there snapping photo^^

The END~

My Average Christmas

Jingle bell~ Jingle bell~ Jingle all the way~ YES!!! Its Christmas today, special day for everyone to celebrate, but for me, its just another average Christmas this year.

Today I don't have any special plan, no hang out with friends, no planning on going anywhere, just start off my day as usual, but I did plan for something, which is to clean my room. Yea I know, boring but have to do it before I go back Perlis on Sunday. As I was cleaning up my bookshelf, I saw my year book during my high school period.

I study at my high school for 7 years (from form 1 til form 6) Full collection as you can see ^^. I look through a few page of my form 6 year book and many memory flash through my mind. Time run so fast, and suddenly I'm starting my 4th semester soon. I still haven't enjoy enough my holiday!!! :(

After cleaning my room, I follow my parent to shopping, manage to buy 2 shirt and 1 jeans for Chinese New Year ^^. Really expansive clothing all together, but my dad pay all of that~ Thanks dad :D

Tonight as usual, doing the usual things, writing this post, listening songs (not Christmas song, ha~), SMS with my buddy (He is going back his uni tomorrow), downloading Twilight: New Moon, Avatar and The Time Traveler's Wife (Hopefully I can finish download in time).

Found this photo in my picture folder, taken during 2007 Christmas^^

Going to visit my blogger friends blog and Nuff their Nang ads^^ Merry Christmas everyone ;)

The END~


After 5 day since the premier screening of one of the most anticipating movie of the year 2009, I finally able to watch the movie today, together with my friend :) What movie I'm talking about??

The movie written and directed by the famous director James Cameron (Titanic, 1997) does draw the attention of whole globe and for nearly 10 years of planning and making, finally the movie successfully make its premier worldwide (except for China, they have to wait til next year). The setting of the story start around 2154 year on a fictional planet call Pandora, where humans travel to here, for the valuable mineral call the Unobtanium.

The human meet with the species of sapient humanoids called the Na'vi who is the inhabitants of Pandora, and the Na'vi often sabotage the operation of Unobtanium deposition. Therefore scientist/researcher Dr. Grace Augustine create the Avatar Program, by creating human-Na'vi hybrids which human can link to their avatar and control the avatar body so that human can learn the way of the Na'vi and find a diplomatic solution.

The movie introduce me the wonder of Pandora. I love the world of Pandora since the moment Jake lost in the jungle and meet with Neytiri. Never I could imagine such world like Pandora, with all the beautiful plant and animal. One thing i like is the "USB cable" idea, haha~ really fun where you can just pull out your USB cable hidden in your hair and "plug" it into any animal and plant ^^ Brilliant I must say :D

For the whole 2 and a half hour, I enjoy every second of it, I mean the movie have everything from storyline, adventure, action, romance, funny and with all the spectacular view and scenery of Pandora, I think the movie also delivers some important message to its viewer such as destruction of nature by human and intercultural conflict. Very very good movie indeed, plus I only spend RM5 on this movie (lucky^^), definitely one of the best movie of 2009!!

So wait no more if you folks out there haven't watch this movie yet because this movie is a Must watch movie ^^ Highly recommend to everyone :)

The END~
P/S: James Cameron even said that there's going to be two sequel for AVATAR!!! Keep your word ya^^

Ideal Christmas Present??

This happens yesterday night as I was visiting all my friend's blog to check for their update and click on their Nuffnang Ads. I'm sure you all are familiar with the Trosworld advertisement as shown below.

Yes, there is a cute little Santa on the right hand side saying "Click me" So I just click it to support my friend (Increase their Nuffnang earning of course) What so special about it?? Usually we all just close it after click on it. Well, at that moment suddenly I'm curious on what is Trosworld.

Oh~ It is a advertisement promoting shopping online for Christmas present. I do like the beautiful Christmas design of the website^^ As I scroll down I saw this.

There's several button showing present suggestion for all, female, male, kids and even pet. So I click on the "For Him" and guess what??

Click on the picture for larger view

So here is the top 10 Christmas present suggestion for men by Trosworld.
1. Tenga Clicker Egg
2. Only Men After Shave Com
3. Tenga Soft Tube Cup
4. Tenga Deep Throat Cup
5. SensOil
6. CKin2U For Him edt 100ml
7. Durex Performax
8. Durex Extra Safe
9. Durex Featherlite
10.Dunhill Desire Red 100ml

Number 1,3 and 4 is sex toy for men ;Number 5 is also use during sex and 7,8,9 is Condom. 7/10 is about sex so Trosworld actually suggesting sex during Christmas?? Ha~ Well I prefer some normal stuff like stationery, decoration stuff or camera (I love expensive stuff too ^^)

The other day I went to Sunway Carnival Mall and saw this.

A badminton shuttlecock key chain, the moment I saw this I didn't thought about Lee Chong Wei, Koo Kien Kiat or Tan Boon Heong, but instead remind me of my best friend so I brought him this as Christmas present, hope you like it bro ^^

The END~


8 o'clock in the morning, the alarm of my trusty W810 wakes me up and I realize it's time~

Time to register course for my next semester!!!

I jump off my bed, open my laptop, and already see a few of my friends on my Skype contact list. After a few minutes, the registration portal is on and everyone login to choose the wajib subject they want. My friend even come over my house to register his course with his empty stomach~ and I was eating and discussing with my coursemate online about what wajib subject to take.

Everything is a MESS!!!

1. I realize that my course (Mechanical) has already change from zone A to zone C so I have to download the zone C timetable.

2. As I look through the timetable, I notice my location of class is all at N??? What is N???
M= Muhibbah, U=Ulu Pauh, and Q,D,R,Y....but N?? N stands for nothing=.="" Swt~

And the timetable still keep on changing, server always down, what can I say about this??

UniMAP Staff NOOB!!!

Lol, but in the end I manage to register all the wajib subject that I want^^ So here below is the subject that I'm going to tackle for my 4th semester!!

1. ENT 253 - Mechanical Design I
2. ENT 257 - Fluid Mechanics
3. ENT 258 - Numerical Analysis
4. ENT 261 - Basic Electronics and Applications
5. EUW 224 - Engineering Entrepreneurship
6. EUW 117 - Japanese Language I
7. EUW 322 - Thinking Skills (For backup ^^)

For my third semester I only manage to get 3.24~ which is really bad and not even near my target, so sad :( but for the coming semester hopefully I can do much MUCH better than this can and reach my target^^ 진가용 화이팅!!! ^^

Later going to make "Tang Yuan" le~ Will write more after that :)

The END~

Summer Wars

Another Sunday~ Finish another week, which means still one week left for my semester break. Time pass so fast, start from tomorrow I will be more busy since it's the last week. Birthday celebration, house cleaning, going out with friends, shopping~

Well well, even for such a busy week must enjoy Sunday right^^ so I pick this movie to watch.

Title: Summer Wars

The story centers on high school student Kenji Koiso, a child prodigy in mathematics who spends his time immersed in Oz, a massive computer-simulated virtual reality world. Kenji is a genius with numbers but ill-adept socially. He secretly has a crush on his attractive senpai Natsuki Shinohara but does not have the courage to tell her. At the beginning of summer vacation, he is asked by Natsuki to help in celebrating her great-grandmother's 90th birthday. Although Kenji does not know the details of the plan, he agrees and goes with Natsuki to her grandmother's estate in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture. Much to Kenji's surprise, he is introduced at the Shinohara family house as Natsuki's boyfriend.

As Kenji tries to act the part, meets Natsuki's dozens of relatives, he receives a mysterious e-mail with a mathematics code. He cracks the code and returns it to the sender but finds himself at the center of a developing news story the following day. Overnight, Oz has been hacked and turned into a digital deadzone, and he is the prime suspect. Using Kenji's account and avatar, the real "hacker", which is actually the advanced artificial intelligence system call Love Machine, has stripped the virtual world empty and wreaks havoc in the real world. With car navigation systems disabled and computers malfunctioning, Japan grinds to a halt. Love Machine also gains control of a satellite and threatens to send it crashing to Earth. In order to fight back, Kenji enlists the help of Natsuki's family, and his best friend using an army of avatars. With the fate of the world at stake, a great online summer war takes place.

How's the story sounds?? For me after watching Summer Wars, I really like the concept of the story and the whole storyline is great :) Highly recommend even you are not a fan of anime. Love King KAZMA in the story^^ you are so cool~

By the way, I would like to wish a friend of mine here~


생일 축아합니다 JASON씨

The END~

New generation bedbug terminator - turn male bedbugs GAY!

Found one interesting news today ^^.

Bug powder causes male bedbugs to stab each other to death with their penises

Male bedbugs will schtup (Fxxx) anything, and when they do, their stabby little penises can do great damage to one another. Female bedbugs have some "down there" armor that absorbs the punishing blows of the bedbug's love-spear, but males lack this protection. A pheromone discovered by a Swedish researcher can cause male bedbugs to kill each other with their penises through uncontrolled shagging(=.="):

According to lead researcher Camilla Ryne, bedbugs are notoriously undiscerning about who they mount, and are accustomed to stab their penis straight into another male's abdomen...

Males with blocked glands were mounted as often as other males, but for longer and suffered more wounds.

"This is the first time I've seen an alarm pheromone used as a sexual one," New Scientist quoted Ryne as saying.

What I have to say for this issue?? Well, turn this little guys into gay before they can reach us!!! ^^


The END~

Photograph - Experimenting ^^

Ever since I join Nuffnang, I have been doing many blog-walking and making many new blogger friends^^ and one of the things I learn is that photograph is VERY IMPORTANT in blogging.

Yes, A picture is worth a thousand word~ Therefore I have decided to take some photo today^^

Nope, I'm not going to take photo of myself^^ However I'm going to take photo of the surrounding of some place~ I'm not going to reveal where is it, so maybe you guys can try to guess^^

Can anyone guess what kind of camera I use to snap all this photo?? and any comment on my photographing skill are welcome too^^

Now did anyone get the answer?? Where did I took all this photo from??

Final hint

The END~
P/S: comment comment comment^^


As I'm checking out some information about movies, I notice one article. So interesting I decided to share with you all ^^

You can guess from the title that this is about Top 5 Most BIZARRE items found in the cinemas. You maybe will think some of the normal items get left behind in cinemas such as mobile phone, car park ticket, wallet, house key or car key~

Nonono..... According to the interview of several cinema management personnel and also a cleaning company representative, item such as laptop, computer devices and even clothes are also in the list.

So think again, think harder~ below I shall reveal the "Top 5 Most BIZZARE items found in the cinemas". You will never thought all this is capable for Malaysian to left this behind ^^

1. Human Corpse
Not too long ago in a Cineplex within the Klang Valley, a man was found dead after the show. He was a restaurant chef and he was accompanied by a female companion. The movie was not a horror show nor an action movie. So figure it out yourself~(Maybe too excited?? ha~)

2. Used Condoms
This would count as utterly gross, wouldn't it? However, it is not uncommon. It is found out that used condoms are often left behind under cinema seats. No wonder some of them are so creaky! Some people must have been having a go at the old in-out, in-out!

3. Undergarments (bra, panties, briefs)
Not always accompanied by the used condoms, the finding of undergarments is not unusual among smaller cinemas near the outskirts of a city. Some of them are soiled (faeces, urine and possibly semen) while most of them don't seem to have anything wrong with them. Perhaps less disciplined patrons get thoroughly uncomfortable with certain steamy scenes? Lol~

4. Cash (A lot of it!!!!)
Recently, there's a story here about how a Nepalese worker returned a huge amount of cash left behind by a Middle Eastern man after a show at GSC Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. We're talking about USD 2,300! This amazing act of honesty should be lauded. (But personally, I would say what a stupid Nepalese people=.="")

5. Cat food
A lot of people get so engrossed in a movie that they forget about the wonderful shopping they did before the movie! One of GSC's cleaning contractors say that cat food is an especially common item of shopping that gets left behind. Perhaps all cat lovers are movie lovers? (MiaO~^^)


17th Dec: One of the anticipating movie "Avatar" will be out~ So my friends anyone want to watch with me?? ^^

The END~

Second week with Nuffnang ^^

Everyday seems to be very tiring day, I sleep late at night and wake up on 9-10a.m, and still not enough. Stay at home too much can really bring you down I think, tomorrow maybe will hang out with my buddy ^^

Anyway, as soon as I wake up, brush my teeth, open laptop, and go to Nuffnang website. I was stun when I see my amount of earning: from RM 0.75 change into RM 19.00 Wow, I never thought it will be this fast, and I suddenly realize the potential amount of money I can get ^^.

So here I would like to thanks Nuffnang for the money^^, my friends who always been supportive and not to forget all the friendly blogger I know :) Writing can be fun, and Nuffnang certainly make it more encouraging for me^^ Lol, sounds like I am going to cash out money now, ha~ but hopefully soon, very soon :p

During this holiday, I'm still finding the best way to manage my blog, doing some experiments on increasing the traffic, clicking, and maintain this rate of earning. Doing my best to make my blog better and enjoying it at the same time. I will share with everyone after I done my research^^ haha~

The END~

The Notebook

Its Sunday again~ Not going out with friends today, pretty boring, what else can I do to cure this boredom, so I pick a movie to watch tonight^^.

Title: The Notebook

Behind every great love is a great story. The movie starts in a modern-day nursing home, an elderly man named Duke begins to read a love story from his notebook to a female fellow patient who has lost her memory.

And this story set in 1940, at a carnival where a local country boy Noah Calhoun sees 17-year-old heiress Allie Hamilton for the first time and is immediately fall in love with her. Allie continue to refuse Noah persistent advances until their friends lure them together and after that midnight walk they spend everyday together for that summer until Allie's parent forbidden her to see Noah again and the family move to New York. Noah, devastated by their separation, writes her one letter every day for a year, with no replies. After seven years, they meet each other again but Allie had engage to Lon Hammond, Jr., a wealthy and well-connected young lawyer who is handsome, sophisticated, charming, and comes from an old Southern family. Who will Allie choose??

Click on the video to watch the trailer

Some of the quotes I like from this movie^^
Summer romances end for all kinds of reason. But, when all is said and done, they ahve one thing in common - they are shooting stars, a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity and in a flash they are gone.

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That's what I hope to give you forever.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. This movie really touches my heart and I would definitely recommend this to everyone^^ Thanks my friend Jason for introducing this movie to me^^

The END~
P/S: Believe in miracle~It do happen,as long as you believing it^^ and Love is one of it^^

Language Learning Experiece

Since morning, I on my laptop and keep promoting my post on my new handphone. Thanks to my fellow friends and all blogger out there who nang me and give me comment on my post. Really appreciated it^^ and because of that I get the most traffic on my blog today since I start blogging~ Thx everyone for supporting^^

Beside promoting my post in innit and Blogcatalog, the rest of the day seems so boring. I only sit in front of my laptop whole day, and study Korean language myself. For those who just know me, I have passion on learning foreign language, but I never really tell my parent about this and don't want spend extra money, I decided to learn everything myself. After I finish my SPM I start learn Japanese myself, which turn out not very good~ maybe because I'm lazy^^, memorizing all those Hiragana and Katakana~ so many=.=".

After that I stop learning Japanese, until I finally finish my STPM exam. It was very long holiday, and I only work for like 2 month. Need to find something to fill up my time, so I decided to learn Korean language after I found a Korean learning video on internet. It is a TV show which is broadcast on Korea, made for foreigner in Korea to learn the language. The host of the show Lisa and Stephen is both very good teacher and I watch almost 180 out of 270 episode for that holiday until I entered University (each episode 10min only^^).

Because of the hectic life in University and plus many other things happen, I don't really have time to continue on learning Korean. So this went on until now, 3 semester already, and I don't really remember much of the vocabulary and grammar part. Plus my mom accidentally throw away all my notes so now I'm re-writing everything back. So far, I only finish review back 30 episode, such a long way to go still~

For my next semester I'm still considering what foreign language I should take (My Uni only offer Japanese and German language). Considering that Japanese language have more market value than German I think choosing Japanese would be a appropriate choice for me. By that time I can read and write both Japanese and Korean, sounds cool^^

After learning Korean language so long, I hope that in the future I can go to Korea and experience myself the culture and life there. Hope this dream will come true someday^^

The END~
P/S: To my friend, sorry if I said anything wrong, but whatever it turn out to be, I will always hope that you to be happy with your girl^^ Being positive is very important, and I will remain ready when you need anyone to listen your problem k?? Be happy man~^^

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