My Average Christmas

Jingle bell~ Jingle bell~ Jingle all the way~ YES!!! Its Christmas today, special day for everyone to celebrate, but for me, its just another average Christmas this year.

Today I don't have any special plan, no hang out with friends, no planning on going anywhere, just start off my day as usual, but I did plan for something, which is to clean my room. Yea I know, boring but have to do it before I go back Perlis on Sunday. As I was cleaning up my bookshelf, I saw my year book during my high school period.

I study at my high school for 7 years (from form 1 til form 6) Full collection as you can see ^^. I look through a few page of my form 6 year book and many memory flash through my mind. Time run so fast, and suddenly I'm starting my 4th semester soon. I still haven't enjoy enough my holiday!!! :(

After cleaning my room, I follow my parent to shopping, manage to buy 2 shirt and 1 jeans for Chinese New Year ^^. Really expansive clothing all together, but my dad pay all of that~ Thanks dad :D

Tonight as usual, doing the usual things, writing this post, listening songs (not Christmas song, ha~), SMS with my buddy (He is going back his uni tomorrow), downloading Twilight: New Moon, Avatar and The Time Traveler's Wife (Hopefully I can finish download in time).

Found this photo in my picture folder, taken during 2007 Christmas^^

Going to visit my blogger friends blog and Nuff their Nang ads^^ Merry Christmas everyone ;)

The END~


Nikel Khor said...

high school moment

visit me at Nikel Khor

jfook said...

Merry Christmas!

Goldman said...

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Chili Crab said...

Where you download those movies?

Bruce828 said...

Nikel: try to spam in my comment ah?? lol

jfook: Merry Christmas to you too^^

Goldman: Don't try spam my comment box=.=

Chili Crab: Just find from torrent, not HD version but watchable la^^

big bike said...

hope u alwys be happy
merry x-mas... smile..

pikey said...

merry belated xmas to youuuuuu

Elaine New said...

7 bukits. OMG!!!!

READ and nang me :

thx! =)

aproxidiamun said...

yeee,i dint comment meh?i did comment wor...did i?hahaha
bukit is a must buy book in your skul or wat?u love to read?

~Live Life~ said...

Merry Belated Christmas!

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