My 4th Sem Start!!!

After one and a half month of semester break, finally its time to return to the very peaceful and boring state Perlis, feeling quite reluctant to return here as I haven't enjoy enough of my holiday yet, but at the same time I feel like want to challenge myself once again in study and study real hard this coming new sem.

I reach my hostel area Kg.Wai at 11.30a.m and get my house key. Like last semester, I change my house, roommate and house again. Currently my new roommate is WeiZhong if some of you all know him ^^, my housemate haven't complete yet, and my new house~KKD-33. Located quite far away from the main gate so I have to walk miles to bus stop and internet line connection here sucks (Now I'm online at my friends house=.=") But anyway, the highly adaptable me sure no problem one ^^ (Ha~ just kidding) That was yesterday~

Today is a historical moment~ 28th December 2009 (According to my Uni Vice Chancellor^^), I even feel nervous that I will wake up late til I wake up 3 times during my sleep=.=" Cut of all the detail~ Me together people from School of Mechatronic and Manufacturing arrive at Ulu Pauh for our first day this semester. Ulu Pauh is the location for our University (UniMAP)'s new permanent campus. Very large area surrounded by tree all over the place, UniMAP killing of the trees and build large concrete building (Sounds like Avatar lol)

All of our buildings are in gray color (Looks pretty like factory=.=) and only a little blue color in front of the entrance door. Inside the building looks quite ok, everywhere still looks like a maze to me, first thing is to find where the toilet is^^

Ok~ Now lets talk about lecture hall, one word~ Shit!! Look at those chair, PLASTIC CHAIR?? This is not even anything near what I would imagine in a normal hall=.=" And there is one special feature for our lecture hall, that is our lecture hall can transform into 2 lecture room!! Lol~ Who thought about this idea, adding portable wall divider and you can get 2 lecture room=.=

And there is locker, locker, and many locker all over the lab and lecture room~ Ermmm, is a good thing, I think ^^

There is still some part of the mechatronic area which is still in construction. I doubt about our V.C saying construction can complete on the end of feb~ See first la V.C ^^. As I was walking around the building, I finally found this~ a elevator!!

Haha~ Ermm, but wait, the door seems too small for a person to get in leh?? A special elevator for small guinea pig to come out?? ^^ Ha~ no la, is for things to be carry up the building.

What a day~ We finish our short brief on Mechanical Design subject and start walk around to explore our new building, and guess what?? I feel like I'm some sort of celebrity man^^ There are all this people who start coming out of no where carrying a cam-recorder and start shooting at us.

This guy riding motorcycle and saw us sitting then he start aim at us

And this guy

And this guy too^^ There are at least 7-8 guys shooting us^^

One more funny thing is our V.C touring his guest and visit the new building, and that time I was at the library. The V.C start come over and put on my shoulder and ask me~

V.C: "Son, is it the television great??"
Me: "Yes sir, very great indeed=.=" (Haha~ I modify the conversation la, but is something like that^^)

I will keep continue update on my new campus, today I feel like I'm first semester student again~ walking around here and there snapping photo^^

The END~


KiaHooi said...

have a nice start of sem bro!
study hard ok? wakaka...

wt said...

can't believe it.. can tell more bout the new place?? hope to know more detail bout it.. cause i can't experience it yet...^^

jfook said...

Wow brand new one. I'm studying in UPM. Forth sem too. :)

~Live Life~ said...

All d best in your new semester at your new uni...that will be one of the best moments before starting work...haha...appreciate that!

Bruce828 said...

Kiahooi: Yea I will^^

wt: Can't believe what?? lol~r u unimap student too??

jfook: Haha~ All the best to u for ur 4th sem^^

Bluejazz: Yea I will treasure every moment in uni^^

Nikel Khor said...

welcome bec to uni

here me at Nikel Khor

aproxidiamun said...

wah,u r rock star?lol..visited..hhehe..i'm,wont update anythg yet..i think^^^^

Ken said...

Somehow, a good review on UniMAP. Hoping more to come...

Many of my friends got so worried when they were send to UniMAP as it's considered a very new uni.

Have a great kick start on ur new term!

wt said...

yes, i am one of the unimap student.Can't believe you actually study in the new building now.

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