Enjoy Photoshopping !!!

Finally I'm updating again^^ It's been almost 3 week from my last post and now I'm explaining to all my blog reader what's happening :D

As usual I planed to spend my holiday by learning something that I'm interested in, and this semester break I'm learning PHOTOSHOP CS5 :P

I spend like 5 days to watch the Photoshop CS5 One-on-One tutorial video and finally after complete the whole series I'm pretty happy that I can edit and modify digital photo with greater skill, well I just learn the fundamental part of Photoshop, still advance and mastery level a head, SWT =.=||

It's time to practice^^ Actually I had complete one picture, putting my friend's head on Jake Gyllenhaal's face in Prince of Persia movie poster, but he won't let me put it on blog and Facebook, haha. So today I play with Photoshop again and created this COOL version of Prince of Persia :P

Oh Yeah!!! Looks like Prince of Persia borrow some high tech gear from Iron Man and War Machine :P

We seen a lot of Iron Man + IP Man picture~ Now is Prince of Persia turn ^^ Do comment on this picture~ Everyone are welcome~ yes YOU :)

P/S: Thanks to Deke for his fast and fluent speech in teaching Photoshop CS5... Now in progress of making another special picture^^

SMS review - TOP 25

Situation: The message inbox of my stupid phone keep giving out warning of message inbox full, so I decide to take my time and look through the message in my inbox.

Sometimes looking back through the SMS really bring back old memories, and now I will present to you all the TOP 25 message in my phone!! Not in order~

1. Baby,happy 2nd week anniversary ya..n oso happy white valentine's day..i love u :) (From Mindy) - I'm good at picking dates leh?? :D

2. Bluekk:-P love u too,baby:-* (From Mindy) - ~*Love Love*~

3. U din say the magical 3 words (From Mindy) - I love You

4. I tot u said u'll drive me :-P (From Mindy) - Sure, I will be the driver and Mindy will be the GPS :P

5. I'm sorry..guess my music is too loud (From Mindy) - You Lie!! Haha :P

6. Lol (From Mindy) - Always lol lol lol~

7. Dun wan..Hng (From Mindy) - What did I do wrong :(

8. I kept sleeping..ur fault (From Mindy) - Not my fault, Mindy pig pig ^^

9. Juz now i got fon mummy then fei mei wants to talk to me..
i told her i'll be home tonight n she said she doesnt see me..lol..n she said faster come bak almost raining d..Haha
(From Mindy) - fei mei really cute^^

10. Drive carefully ya..love u..muacks:-* (From Mindy) - love u too~ Muacks

11. Bye baby..i will miss u:-* (From Mindy) - I miss Mindy so much~

12. I wan2 hug u now:'( (From Mindy) - Hug Hug Mindy ya :)

13. I wish i cud lie on u like the couple beside me (From Mindy) - I wish so too :(

14. When u depart.sms me. (From FooKheng) - Okok~ I try reach on time :D

15. I tel cq d.he din reply (From FooKheng) - Expected~ Always late reply ^^

16. Ya la..dun wan2 angry at u d..u sure show ur innocent face now de (From Mindy) - :P

17. Oh god..baby,i'm thinking of food again (From Mindy) - Yummy yummy :D

18. Gf reach d? (From FooKheng) - From my most caring buddy^^

19. I love u n always do.. (From Mindy) - ♥ ♥ ♥

20. Baby..happy 2 months anniversary ya..mindy loves ed..muacks muacks :-* (From Mindy)

21. I'm so sorry..i've always bring so much of bad luck to u..(From Mindy) - Silly Mindy, You are the most lucky thing that happen to me~ I found my perfect half

22. U nvr wake me up (From Mindy) - Hehe, I always wake up late :P

23. Dunno..we sit so far so no1 talks to me then i feel bored n sleepy..lol at myself (From Mindy) - Concentrate Study!!! :P

24. Happy 1 mth anniversary ya baby..love u til the end :) (From Mindy)

25. Ya..i want to be Urs oni..i wan2 be owned by ed..:-* (From Mindy) - I will always be keep mindy with me forever and ever :)

Finally I want to say is:


P/S: I really miss you so much~ ♥ ♥ ♥

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