SMS review - TOP 25

Situation: The message inbox of my stupid phone keep giving out warning of message inbox full, so I decide to take my time and look through the message in my inbox.

Sometimes looking back through the SMS really bring back old memories, and now I will present to you all the TOP 25 message in my phone!! Not in order~

1. Baby,happy 2nd week anniversary ya..n oso happy white valentine's day..i love u :) (From Mindy) - I'm good at picking dates leh?? :D

2. Bluekk:-P love u too,baby:-* (From Mindy) - ~*Love Love*~

3. U din say the magical 3 words (From Mindy) - I love You

4. I tot u said u'll drive me :-P (From Mindy) - Sure, I will be the driver and Mindy will be the GPS :P

5. I'm sorry..guess my music is too loud (From Mindy) - You Lie!! Haha :P

6. Lol (From Mindy) - Always lol lol lol~

7. Dun wan..Hng (From Mindy) - What did I do wrong :(

8. I kept sleeping..ur fault (From Mindy) - Not my fault, Mindy pig pig ^^

9. Juz now i got fon mummy then fei mei wants to talk to me..
i told her i'll be home tonight n she said she doesnt see she said faster come bak almost raining d..Haha
(From Mindy) - fei mei really cute^^

10. Drive carefully u..muacks:-* (From Mindy) - love u too~ Muacks

11. Bye baby..i will miss u:-* (From Mindy) - I miss Mindy so much~

12. I wan2 hug u now:'( (From Mindy) - Hug Hug Mindy ya :)

13. I wish i cud lie on u like the couple beside me (From Mindy) - I wish so too :(

14. When u depart.sms me. (From FooKheng) - Okok~ I try reach on time :D

15. I tel cq d.he din reply (From FooKheng) - Expected~ Always late reply ^^

16. Ya la..dun wan2 angry at u d..u sure show ur innocent face now de (From Mindy) - :P

17. Oh,i'm thinking of food again (From Mindy) - Yummy yummy :D

18. Gf reach d? (From FooKheng) - From my most caring buddy^^

19. I love u n always do.. (From Mindy) - ♥ ♥ ♥

20. Baby..happy 2 months anniversary ya..mindy loves ed..muacks muacks :-* (From Mindy)

21. I'm so sorry..i've always bring so much of bad luck to u..(From Mindy) - Silly Mindy, You are the most lucky thing that happen to me~ I found my perfect half

22. U nvr wake me up (From Mindy) - Hehe, I always wake up late :P

23. Dunno..we sit so far so no1 talks to me then i feel bored n at myself (From Mindy) - Concentrate Study!!! :P

24. Happy 1 mth anniversary ya u til the end :) (From Mindy)

25. Ya..i want to be Urs oni..i wan2 be owned by ed..:-* (From Mindy) - I will always be keep mindy with me forever and ever :)

Finally I want to say is:


P/S: I really miss you so much~ ♥ ♥ ♥


Mindy said...

dunno y i feel s touched...i miss u too, baby...

chenlin said...

Oh my...ant is building their kingdom here..and here comes the sweet and honey ya:) sweet couple^^ and Happy Holiday Bro!

♥ HL ♥ said...

wow~~ soo sweet!!! stay sweet forever!!!

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