Get Ready: Final Battle Is Coming

After 14 weeks of hardship and suffering T.T, finally the last lecture end today. I believe most of my coursemate had go through a lot of "bloody" and "dirty" fight along the way, for me I'm quite "badly wound" for now but still standing. Even tough I can't manage to get a victorious result~ but at least I did everything fair and square right?? Wonder if anyone understand til this point?? :P

For this week, we have to do a presentation for our ENT253 Mechanical Design Mini Project. I feel very lucky indeed to have all great member in my group, and because of them the presentation went on smoothly and hopefully get a decent mark for this project :D

Most "Leng Zai" Group :P

Me and Mindy waiting for our turn to present

Since study week is coming, me and Mindy decided to go for dinner at Kangar, to enjoy a delicious dinner before another week of boring, repeating menu at Kg.Wai.

Mindy's food^^

My Siam Fried Rice^^

After dinner we went to library and see something we shouldn't be seeing~lol :P One new couple maybe, haha, and now I'm writing this post in my room :)

Many things happen this 14 week, and so fast we are reaching to face our final examination for this semester. It's time to gear up and study study study, so I guess I won't be blogging til the end of my final exam, still I hope everyone can come to my blog sometimes and drop a few words for me so that I know everyone still missing me :P Haha~ Thanks for everyone's support!!!

The END~
P/S: I will be BACK!!!


Wen_Han said...

study week is comming lo , although we tired with the food here, may be they also close the food stall due to less customers. on that time , if u want to eat here also no chance.hehe :p

uLi.佑莉 said...


jcxj said...

All the best Kia Yeong! See you soon in BM after the finals =D

jcxj said...

All the best in your exams Kia Yeong! See you soon in BM =D hehe...

Alpha Ace said...

all the best bro ^^

Best wishes to you~

Wen Pink said...

good luck for ur exams! :) ganbatte!

Wee Sheong said...

Hi there :)

Good luck in yr exam!

Stefanie said...

Good luck Good luck Good luck!!! :)

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