After One Year~ Almost Forgotten

One month ago might appear under my blog name if you guys add me in your blog list, and I have to admit I'm no longer the once devoted blogger I used to be. There's actually many things happen during the period I'm gone so just gonna share some here =)

What should I talk about first?? Today is certainly something, I "fall" again to some degree that I don't really happy about, but can't complain much about that so just gonna continue stand up and walk my road. I received another phone call from company "S" for internship, but sorry you are just too late since I already accept company "K" offer, still I wonder how much would they offer me, I should ask before reject "S" offer or not? ^^ As I was driving back to Perlis in the middle of the North South Highway, rain just suddenly pour down until the visibility around me turn almost zero, first time I experience heavy rain driving, kinda of scary~

What else? There is new member in my house, a new puppy^^ It is so small my mom scare of holding it. Let picture describe the cuteness~

There is one thing that I'm quite disappointed. My expected coming cheque from Nuffnang is canceled due to unknown reason. After I check out the matter with Nuffnang guess what? They told me there are click fraud detected in my account and therefore they canceled all my CPC earning, that's almost 70% of my earning. I speechless, especially at the period that I seldom blogging and not even touch my blog so long. Who is right and wrong, but obviously I'm the victim =.=

In case some of you didn't know I got a 500GB portable hard-disk Seagate brand for my birthday present, thanks my eldest sis and jiefu for this wonderful gadget I want for so long. Now I can just download all the movie and documentary films, watch and keep them^^ Soon I'm gonna be buying new printer as well, kinda of late to buy a printer on third year but for me and my baby, it is a wise thing to do as we will have many notes to print in the future~

Wonder who else there will still remember Bruce the blogger in Nuffnang? Already one year past since I start register in Nuffnang, sorry guys for seldom contact especially since Nuffnang changes the whole new interface and chatbox in their website, just want to say I still remember everyone of you and Merry Christmas soon^^

The END~
P/S: Waiting for you baby^^

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