After One Year~ Almost Forgotten

One month ago might appear under my blog name if you guys add me in your blog list, and I have to admit I'm no longer the once devoted blogger I used to be. There's actually many things happen during the period I'm gone so just gonna share some here =)

What should I talk about first?? Today is certainly something, I "fall" again to some degree that I don't really happy about, but can't complain much about that so just gonna continue stand up and walk my road. I received another phone call from company "S" for internship, but sorry you are just too late since I already accept company "K" offer, still I wonder how much would they offer me, I should ask before reject "S" offer or not? ^^ As I was driving back to Perlis in the middle of the North South Highway, rain just suddenly pour down until the visibility around me turn almost zero, first time I experience heavy rain driving, kinda of scary~

What else? There is new member in my house, a new puppy^^ It is so small my mom scare of holding it. Let picture describe the cuteness~

There is one thing that I'm quite disappointed. My expected coming cheque from Nuffnang is canceled due to unknown reason. After I check out the matter with Nuffnang guess what? They told me there are click fraud detected in my account and therefore they canceled all my CPC earning, that's almost 70% of my earning. I speechless, especially at the period that I seldom blogging and not even touch my blog so long. Who is right and wrong, but obviously I'm the victim =.=

In case some of you didn't know I got a 500GB portable hard-disk Seagate brand for my birthday present, thanks my eldest sis and jiefu for this wonderful gadget I want for so long. Now I can just download all the movie and documentary films, watch and keep them^^ Soon I'm gonna be buying new printer as well, kinda of late to buy a printer on third year but for me and my baby, it is a wise thing to do as we will have many notes to print in the future~

Wonder who else there will still remember Bruce the blogger in Nuffnang? Already one year past since I start register in Nuffnang, sorry guys for seldom contact especially since Nuffnang changes the whole new interface and chatbox in their website, just want to say I still remember everyone of you and Merry Christmas soon^^

The END~
P/S: Waiting for you baby^^


Mindy said...

cheh..din thank me oso

Elviz Low said...

Mindy, when u talk is almost like my girlfriend. Why girls just can't treat us in more gentle way? Bruce, I like the puppy coz it is so cute. What type of dog is it?

Ronikenz said...

Welcome back buddy! (:

Nic Da Nic said...

i also disappeared from the blogging world for sometime.however, i am still here to say Hi to you.should I ask everyone, is there anyone remember Nic Da Nic as well????? Well.i remember who is bruce and the bro that we used to chat in is full of ups and down. when u are in the "up" time, please enjoy the best that u can.When you are in the "down" ...just treat it as a challenge from the God. I do face a lot of bad lucks in 2010. Just hope 2011 is a better year for u as well. ^^


Nic Da NiC

Kian Fai said...

u r remembered by me bro! =)

Ace Angel said...

Don't abuse little puppy ya :P

Wishing you Happy CNY ^^

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