Our 400th Day Together

It has been a long long time since I write a post here on my blog, Thanks GOD I still remember how to compose a post^^ From the title you can guess that this is a sweet post for my baby, and yes it is but just a few minutes ago I received terrible news which make my mood drop to zero =.=.

First is the stupid worker in the PC shop who forgot to return my printer cable to me, how am I suppose to use my printer without my cable =.=. Second is my new update exam timetable, which shows that I have to take two paper on the same day, to make things worst one paper is at morning and the next is just 2 hour after it. My school is trying their best to fail all of us, GOOD JOB=.=""

Ok back to the 400th Day, normally couple don't celebrate 400th anniversary. I know that in Korea couple do celebrate their 200th anniversary, not 400th. However today is special, because today our 400th day fall on April the 4th, so it's kind of special for us =) and what is the best way to celebrate it other then EAT!!!

It's great to eat real foods especially in Perlis, both of us are satisfy and happy in the end =) 21 days left to finish our final exam and end our 6th semester, I hope everything will be ok and so looking forward to end of this month^^ Time to study again!!

The END~
P/S: Happy 400th Day to you baby <3


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