Get Ready: Final Battle Is Coming

After 14 weeks of hardship and suffering T.T, finally the last lecture end today. I believe most of my coursemate had go through a lot of "bloody" and "dirty" fight along the way, for me I'm quite "badly wound" for now but still standing. Even tough I can't manage to get a victorious result~ but at least I did everything fair and square right?? Wonder if anyone understand til this point?? :P

For this week, we have to do a presentation for our ENT253 Mechanical Design Mini Project. I feel very lucky indeed to have all great member in my group, and because of them the presentation went on smoothly and hopefully get a decent mark for this project :D

Most "Leng Zai" Group :P

Me and Mindy waiting for our turn to present

Since study week is coming, me and Mindy decided to go for dinner at Kangar, to enjoy a delicious dinner before another week of boring, repeating menu at Kg.Wai.

Mindy's food^^

My Siam Fried Rice^^

After dinner we went to library and see something we shouldn't be seeing~lol :P One new couple maybe, haha, and now I'm writing this post in my room :)

Many things happen this 14 week, and so fast we are reaching to face our final examination for this semester. It's time to gear up and study study study, so I guess I won't be blogging til the end of my final exam, still I hope everyone can come to my blog sometimes and drop a few words for me so that I know everyone still missing me :P Haha~ Thanks for everyone's support!!!

The END~
P/S: I will be BACK!!!

THE most super duper delicious breakfast

A marvelous Monday to everybody here^^ It's another weekday start and everyone must be feeling "Oh No~ Work/Study again" All of us want our holiday to be longer :D This is suppose to be my last week of lecture, next week will be study week, means I got full time study and no assignment/report/project what so ever :D Yahoo!!

This is another special Monday for me, Why?? Because I get THE most super duper delicious breakfast made by baby Mindy ^^ Hehe~ want to see??

Hmmmm....Looks tempting already right??

Wow~ Peanut butter sandwich ^^

Give it some lighting~ Tada

Oh GOD~ Should I eat it or not?? It's so beautiful looking :P

THE Super duper delicious peanut butter sandwich made by baby Mindy contains all the "I LOVE U" mineral/vitamin I need to kick start my Monday^^ healthy and yummy :D

The END~
P/S: Love baby Mindy so much~ Muacks

Bye Bye Test and Quiz :D

Finally I feel much relieve, feels like I had kick away some big stone out of my way ~ (My way of freedom :D) This past few days really makes me crazy, with tests, quiz and assignment all in this week~ phew... Well I don't want to think too much about next coming mini project for now, must enjoy this Friday night^^

Although the hectic timetable keep us all busy, we never forget to spend some time to relax and chill out so right after our Mechanical Design mid term test 2, we decided to go out for dinner. Guess what's menu for today?? Answer is BAK KUT TEH!!! It's the first time I have Bak Kut Teh with baby mindy^^ Had to help her take the food before all my other coursemate finish it off :D

Forgotten to take photo of the Bak Kut Teh :D

Right after our mid term test 2 over, I had to start work on the video for my entrepreneur engineering subject. I had work days to adjust the time line of the video and also timing for subtitles, luckily got mindy help me check my grammar mistakes^^ In the end we manage to present the video to our lecturer Mr.Murray and he love our video :D Get a high score 29/30 for that, and I'm pretty proud of myself :P I enjoy making video I think~ future film maker perhaps?? Haha~ (Just Joking^^)

Besides that, I had to do my presentation for my Japanese class, on the same day!! I worry about what to do with my individual work on making Katakana flash card. Luckily again got mindy help me cut the cardboard T.T (so touch~) and with her love I can finish the flash card on time. No much creativity on it but I hope I can still get a decent mark :P The group presentation went on great and in a flash all of us finish the final assignment for Japanese class^^ Arigatou Sensei Nabil :D

エドワード ラブ ミンヂ

Coming up next: Mechanical Design mini project and Electronic assignment (Wish me luck guys^^)

The END~
P/S: Just found out that my old time friend during primary school involved in an accident and is now in koma. Pray to GOD that he will wake up and recover soon, his family and friends is still waiting for him~ Fast fast wake up!!!

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