I'm in Newspaper !!!!

After living for 21 years, I never thought I can achieve this so fast in my life. I would imagine some time around my career building or contribute to society or mankind only can make me get this far. But now I get this even sooner then I expected~ I'm in national newspaper!!!

So as you can see I'm the one wearing red shirt and on the most left side of the picture. Haha, that's not me as the center of attraction (the old man on the most right side of the picture is my University V.C, always love to put his hand on other people's shoulder and start asking question), but I'm still very happy to be in the selected photo by Kwong Hwa Newspaper (it's a national chinese newspaper).

For more detail please check on this link ^^

The END~


~Live Life~ said...

Congrats! Haha...good start for your new sem huh!

You will have to get used to having ur face on newspaper d...haha...=)

Alpha Ace said...

Bravo bro~!

at least a good start lahhh
last time i only manage to show my back wakaka.. and that was a Photomag about a photography event.

more to go ya~

Nick said...

OMG.. you're on newspaper! lolx =D


exciting, isn't it? I was featured a couple times in the newspapers during high school, and also on TV3 for winning a competition... alas, nobody noticed except family and friends, and back then the concept of blogging as it is today has not been invented yet, so nobody else knew... haha

Elaine New said...

ur 5 mins of fame. =) congrats!

Nikel Khor said...

congrat u on paper..wakak

here me at Nikel Khor

uLi.佑莉 said...

wow~ kekekkeke...

KiaHooi said...

you should stand at the center ma, look so keh leh feh... =p

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