My 2009 Review

Just a few hour left before stepping into year 2010, so I would like to take this time to review back what I have done for this year 2009. Like other past year, but with some special moment happens and make me grow up and understand more about what life is about.

(Ding Ding~ experience up, from level 21 increase to level 22 ^^)

Here is some of the highlight on my life during 2009 ^^

Happens around mid January 2009, I was in my 2nd sem and my uni require us to enter one of the 7 pillars program: To walk 23.21km from MRSM beseri to the new permanent campus at Ulu Pauh.This is my longest walk of the year but definitely not the longest one in my life so far, the longest one is during Penang bridge run. The walk is much easy compare to the bridge run, and it was the first time I saw the area of my Uni's new campus: large area of land with nothing but the flag UniMAP, it was told that building is under construction and two school will be finish by the end of this year.

I'm usually a quite person and didn't talk a lot. For that making new friends is always a dificult thing for me as I need time to adapt myself and believing other people, but I'm very fortunate to meet with this 4 girls and befriend with them, because of them I learn and understand a lot about relationship.

C.P: To you, who often makes me confuse and brings the moment of sweet and sour into my life, we will always be friend. (Green Apple)

L.S: To you, who always help me in going through my heart-ache, thanks for all the advice and word you say means a lot to me^^

C.H: To you, who I always heard about from people around me, your love story may not be perfect but there will always something to look forward at~ Congratz^^

Bear: To you, who I still dunno much about, but don't ever feel alone in having trouble, because that's are what friends for~ C.P, L.S and C.H will listen to you^^

Now now, talking about achievement, for my third semester. From the picture you can see a statue made with mild steel plate being attach together using arc welding by me~ is my mini project title call "Graduation" Really proud of myself for doing all the welding work, but still I will take this opportunity to thanks my group member Sinli and Weizhong for painting and report.

For your information I actually start blogging on Jun just as my personal dairy to express my feeling through writing. After that I stop writing until my third semester break.
My friend WeiZhong convince me to join Nuffnang and I thought writing can be fun thing to do, expressing feeling, sharing information, making many blogger friends and most important~earning money at the same time!!! (Ha~ no la, earn money not the most important, maybe second? ^^) After 4th week with Nuffnang, my earning is now RM40^^, not very much but must thanks for all my blog viewer for visiting and clicking my blog~ THANKS^^

Two weeks before 28th October, I was thinking of what to give for my friend in Uni (Tete) as his birthday present, then out of sudden I thought about making a birthday wish dedication video for him. Quickly I start making plan on the video plot and come out with the theme for his birthday video~ Secret (不能说的秘密) a movie by JayChow. After days of planning and making, plus collecting wishes from his friends, the video turn out to be a success^^ Glad that everyone love my 1st made video.

Finally, I'm starting my 4th semester, and studying now at new permanent campus build by UniMAP. This feel like a whole new experience again, and actually this changes turns out to be not as bad as I would imagine. I even get my chance to show up in newspaper for first day of my 4th sem.Every subject is getting tougher and hopefully I can achieve my best state to study hard for this semester, no doubt~ must get good result!!!

For new year, I will make my new year resolution here: Hope that 2010 will be more exciting and fun year, I'm looking forward on what will happen^^ Surprise me :)
And to all of my friends~ Be happy always and let us all move to a whole new year^^

The END~


Nikel Khor said...

i thk u d best blogger in time

here me at Nikel Khor

~Live Life~ said...

Haha...great happenings! Keep up the good work!!

I also shared my wrap-up for 2009 too...

Keep blogging!

BabyMocha said...

Happy earning!

and not forgetting, Happy New Year ^^

aproxidiamun said...

hehehe,i love this post can earn money too..wootss..kk i will always support u^^

Beh said...


Anonymous said...

membaca seluruh blog, cukup bagus

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