My First Day of 2010

First of January 2010, With most of the people still sleeping or celebrating the new year, I woke up on 6.30a.m in the morning and quickly brush my teeth, change my clothes and walk real fast towards bus stop for my class today~ Yes you guys hear right...


Perlis is already a boring and no entertainment state, and not even holiday for new year=.=" My roommate already back at home yesterday and also many many other people who self-declare holiday for new year. So is it I'm being stupid for following the rules?? =.="

Well, no much reason for me to back home celebrating new year, I mean both of my sister not at home, being with my parent (I rather be at here la~more fun :P), all my friends are back at their uni and didn't go back hometown also, and lastly no girl to be with :( Wuwu~ Really hope I can found the girl I can love this year.

I spend my first class on the first day of the year sleeping, because I'm still tired and hungry (I haven't eat my breakfast) Just that~ The only class i attended, all my other wajib and option subject class cancel (see even lecturer want holiday :D) So my new year starts off pretty normal, didn't found any surprise yet~

Here are some photo I found for New Year 2010 Celebration:

Lastly I would like to end my post with this song. Its a remix by DJ Earworm with top 25 most popular hit song of 2009 from Billboard.

Title: United State of Pop 2009: Blame It on the Pop



Thanks for this great remix DJ Earworm ^^

The END~


Ken said...

What's happening?
Perlis doesn't recognise 1st of Jan?

My friend in UTM, Johor complained to me too regarding this issue. Damn busy with lecture on the 1st of Jan. Pityful~

Anyway, all the best in 2010!

KiaHooi said...

even china recognize New Year Day!

Alpha Ace said...

wat lahhh ...1st day 2010 also got class ahhh~

those were really sadist lahhh~
brain dead authority ... u got there kakaka

BabyMocha said...

New Year also got class ah? I thought it is worldwide holiday =D

~Live Life~ said... johor oso like that...too bad for you holiday for new year...hmmm...cham la..=(

Anyway...nvm...start your new year in a positive note...that's good!

Shuwen said...

lol ! how come no holiday on 1st Jan one!!
so saddd

Stefanie said...

What?! Had class on 1st of Jan?!
Poor you...Nevermind give you a pat here. :)

Happy New Year.

lovine said...

yaya.. we are so poor..
i have a good instinct that this year will be a good good year 4 all of us..:)

hopefully u can find ur happiness..
happy new year ...

Nikel Khor said...

hapi new year..celebrate it specially..

Nikel Khor

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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