Ideal Christmas Present??

This happens yesterday night as I was visiting all my friend's blog to check for their update and click on their Nuffnang Ads. I'm sure you all are familiar with the Trosworld advertisement as shown below.

Yes, there is a cute little Santa on the right hand side saying "Click me" So I just click it to support my friend (Increase their Nuffnang earning of course) What so special about it?? Usually we all just close it after click on it. Well, at that moment suddenly I'm curious on what is Trosworld.

Oh~ It is a advertisement promoting shopping online for Christmas present. I do like the beautiful Christmas design of the website^^ As I scroll down I saw this.

There's several button showing present suggestion for all, female, male, kids and even pet. So I click on the "For Him" and guess what??

Click on the picture for larger view

So here is the top 10 Christmas present suggestion for men by Trosworld.
1. Tenga Clicker Egg
2. Only Men After Shave Com
3. Tenga Soft Tube Cup
4. Tenga Deep Throat Cup
5. SensOil
6. CKin2U For Him edt 100ml
7. Durex Performax
8. Durex Extra Safe
9. Durex Featherlite
10.Dunhill Desire Red 100ml

Number 1,3 and 4 is sex toy for men ;Number 5 is also use during sex and 7,8,9 is Condom. 7/10 is about sex so Trosworld actually suggesting sex during Christmas?? Ha~ Well I prefer some normal stuff like stationery, decoration stuff or camera (I love expensive stuff too ^^)

The other day I went to Sunway Carnival Mall and saw this.

A badminton shuttlecock key chain, the moment I saw this I didn't thought about Lee Chong Wei, Koo Kien Kiat or Tan Boon Heong, but instead remind me of my best friend so I brought him this as Christmas present, hope you like it bro ^^

The END~


Stefanie said...

No money. I handmade better. :D

Bruce828 said...

Stefanie: handmade present for me?? hehe^^

aproxidiamun said...

wah,u r such a good fren!he will love it!haha^^

KiaHooi said...

you never give me xmas present pun...

Bruce828 said...

aproxidiamun: Haha~ hope so^^

KiaHooi: Lol, you at China ma, plus no idea buy you what :P

~Live Life~ said...

Hi there...interesting one...haha...

Ur fren muz be hoping u bought him those on the list...LOL!

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