8 o'clock in the morning, the alarm of my trusty W810 wakes me up and I realize it's time~

Time to register course for my next semester!!!

I jump off my bed, open my laptop, and already see a few of my friends on my Skype contact list. After a few minutes, the registration portal is on and everyone login to choose the wajib subject they want. My friend even come over my house to register his course with his empty stomach~ and I was eating and discussing with my coursemate online about what wajib subject to take.

Everything is a MESS!!!

1. I realize that my course (Mechanical) has already change from zone A to zone C so I have to download the zone C timetable.

2. As I look through the timetable, I notice my location of class is all at N??? What is N???
M= Muhibbah, U=Ulu Pauh, and Q,D,R,Y....but N?? N stands for nothing=.="" Swt~

And the timetable still keep on changing, server always down, what can I say about this??

UniMAP Staff NOOB!!!

Lol, but in the end I manage to register all the wajib subject that I want^^ So here below is the subject that I'm going to tackle for my 4th semester!!

1. ENT 253 - Mechanical Design I
2. ENT 257 - Fluid Mechanics
3. ENT 258 - Numerical Analysis
4. ENT 261 - Basic Electronics and Applications
5. EUW 224 - Engineering Entrepreneurship
6. EUW 117 - Japanese Language I
7. EUW 322 - Thinking Skills (For backup ^^)

For my third semester I only manage to get 3.24~ which is really bad and not even near my target, so sad :( but for the coming semester hopefully I can do much MUCH better than this can and reach my target^^ 진가용 화이팅!!! ^^

Later going to make "Tang Yuan" le~ Will write more after that :)

The END~


KiaHooi said...

tak ada korean language kah?

Bruce828 said...

No uni noob one, only got japanese and german~

Nikel Khor said...

tangzhi while register course

Khai Sheng said...

Enjoy your the start of your new semester!

Stefanie said...

so colourful!
:D are they nice?

Shingo T said...

Numerical analysis, I did that ages ago when I was your age.
*cough cough*

KiaHooi said...

aiks, really noob.
show mum the tangyuan I made! woots!

Anonymous said...

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