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Since morning, I on my laptop and keep promoting my post on my new handphone. Thanks to my fellow friends and all blogger out there who nang me and give me comment on my post. Really appreciated it^^ and because of that I get the most traffic on my blog today since I start blogging~ Thx everyone for supporting^^

Beside promoting my post in innit and Blogcatalog, the rest of the day seems so boring. I only sit in front of my laptop whole day, and study Korean language myself. For those who just know me, I have passion on learning foreign language, but I never really tell my parent about this and don't want spend extra money, I decided to learn everything myself. After I finish my SPM I start learn Japanese myself, which turn out not very good~ maybe because I'm lazy^^, memorizing all those Hiragana and Katakana~ so many=.=".

After that I stop learning Japanese, until I finally finish my STPM exam. It was very long holiday, and I only work for like 2 month. Need to find something to fill up my time, so I decided to learn Korean language after I found a Korean learning video on internet. It is a TV show which is broadcast on Korea, made for foreigner in Korea to learn the language. The host of the show Lisa and Stephen is both very good teacher and I watch almost 180 out of 270 episode for that holiday until I entered University (each episode 10min only^^).

Because of the hectic life in University and plus many other things happen, I don't really have time to continue on learning Korean. So this went on until now, 3 semester already, and I don't really remember much of the vocabulary and grammar part. Plus my mom accidentally throw away all my notes so now I'm re-writing everything back. So far, I only finish review back 30 episode, such a long way to go still~

For my next semester I'm still considering what foreign language I should take (My Uni only offer Japanese and German language). Considering that Japanese language have more market value than German I think choosing Japanese would be a appropriate choice for me. By that time I can read and write both Japanese and Korean, sounds cool^^

After learning Korean language so long, I hope that in the future I can go to Korea and experience myself the culture and life there. Hope this dream will come true someday^^

The END~
P/S: To my friend, sorry if I said anything wrong, but whatever it turn out to be, I will always hope that you to be happy with your girl^^ Being positive is very important, and I will remain ready when you need anyone to listen your problem k?? Be happy man~^^


~Live Life~ said... have a thing with! Keep it up...Im learning French's always good to learn more it will be useful one day...

Gambatte ne!!

aproxidiamun said...

wah,u love korea so much?haha,jia you!!^^

♥ Renise said...

hehhee. gambatte in your korean language learning. :]


YULI said...

cherish the life of a student. you never know what you have until its gone :D peace yah!

Tommy 少侠 said...

have a daily practice plan lah and keep it, you will be able to do it :D May you dream comes true!

Andy/앤디/安迪 said...

안녕하세요. innit에서 왔습니다. 한국말이 포기하지 말라. 아자 아자! ㅋㅋㅋ

Nikel Khor said...

dun dream le bro..wake to real world

Dream Blog@Yennie said...

ganbatte... i learn japs also for many years.. now only level2..but very happy while travel and stay in japan as its really help me to solve the biggest dilemma -language.

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