New handphone ??

I buy a new handphone today, guess what model and brand I buy??

Is it Sony Ericsson W995?? Nokia N86?? or Apple iPhone 3GS???

All wrong~ Instead of all this cool mobile phone, I buy this~

Anybody recognize this mobile phone?? Ha~ well let me introduce to you the CSL brand model i200. CSL is actually a Malaysia company which stands for Commitment, Service, Loyalty.

What can I say about this mobile phone:
1. Sucks~ The first thing is the OS, when I start pressing the phone I was like "What the hell~" Never see this kind of OS before, and I can tell you all this phone is definitely not user-friendly.
2. Aside from that, this phone got a lot of "No". No 3G,No WLAN, No Bluetooth, No infrared, No USB, No Camera, No memory in the phone itself~ =.= nonononononono......
3. However, there still a few yes in this phone. At least it got GPRS, MP3 Player, FM Radio, Support microSD memory card up to 4GB, Torch light, and can Dual SIM card at the same time.

Why I buy this handphone??
Actually it is because I have two SIM card (one for Hotlink and one for Digi). So just want to buy one more handphone for my second SIM card^^ Ha~ and also cheap (around RM100) If not I won't even think about putting this rubbish in my pocket~ Ha^^ well well it still serve its purpose and I won't regret after buying it (Thx to my friend who help me pay up first, don't worry la I will return your money back^^)

Aside from that, I went pass Popular Bookstore and saw this

Woh~ It's English-Korean dictionary, I have been finding this for long time. At first I want to buy it but too expensive for me (RM 74.40) so I decide to give up on this and download free dictionary software on net^^ Hehe~ I'm genius :p

The END~


CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

eh this phone not bad for a second phone pocket :)

Nick said...

CSL! sounds good =)

Nikel Khor said...

sure bo..can use d malaysia product?

BabyMocha said...

I heard friend said CSL handphones will become hot very fast :)

aproxidiamun said...

hem,sounds good for me..whr u bought it?

Kah Ee. said...

thank you for dropping by my blog :) and i've heard csl not that good. just an honest opinion :D but its good for a second phone.

metalpanda said...

oo, i saw CSL phone promotion/sale at IOI Mall. well, i believe you get wat u pay for. =]

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