As I'm checking out some information about movies, I notice one article. So interesting I decided to share with you all ^^

You can guess from the title that this is about Top 5 Most BIZARRE items found in the cinemas. You maybe will think some of the normal items get left behind in cinemas such as mobile phone, car park ticket, wallet, house key or car key~

Nonono..... According to the interview of several cinema management personnel and also a cleaning company representative, item such as laptop, computer devices and even clothes are also in the list.

So think again, think harder~ below I shall reveal the "Top 5 Most BIZZARE items found in the cinemas". You will never thought all this is capable for Malaysian to left this behind ^^

1. Human Corpse
Not too long ago in a Cineplex within the Klang Valley, a man was found dead after the show. He was a restaurant chef and he was accompanied by a female companion. The movie was not a horror show nor an action movie. So figure it out yourself~(Maybe too excited?? ha~)

2. Used Condoms
This would count as utterly gross, wouldn't it? However, it is not uncommon. It is found out that used condoms are often left behind under cinema seats. No wonder some of them are so creaky! Some people must have been having a go at the old in-out, in-out!

3. Undergarments (bra, panties, briefs)
Not always accompanied by the used condoms, the finding of undergarments is not unusual among smaller cinemas near the outskirts of a city. Some of them are soiled (faeces, urine and possibly semen) while most of them don't seem to have anything wrong with them. Perhaps less disciplined patrons get thoroughly uncomfortable with certain steamy scenes? Lol~

4. Cash (A lot of it!!!!)
Recently, there's a story here about how a Nepalese worker returned a huge amount of cash left behind by a Middle Eastern man after a show at GSC Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. We're talking about USD 2,300! This amazing act of honesty should be lauded. (But personally, I would say what a stupid Nepalese people=.="")

5. Cat food
A lot of people get so engrossed in a movie that they forget about the wonderful shopping they did before the movie! One of GSC's cleaning contractors say that cat food is an especially common item of shopping that gets left behind. Perhaps all cat lovers are movie lovers? (MiaO~^^)


17th Dec: One of the anticipating movie "Avatar" will be out~ So my friends anyone want to watch with me?? ^^

The END~


Mabel Low said...

What the crap?! Seriously, the movie killed a man?? XD Must have awed to death. Hahahahaha...

Nikel Khor said...

are u sure?

WeiZhong said...


Maxloon120 said...

Interesting fact.. Hahah

Dosz said...

i think next time they have to charge the cats appropriately per entry.

Alpha Ace said...

interesting findings here... but I just couldn't accept those under garment/disposable undergarment...

may b they change their children one in d cinema ..


by d way thanks for add in my link, wil do d same ^__^

Tony Wan said...

lol.... I never think of cat food and so much cash before LOL

Stefanie said...

Ehem, are you serious?

Shingo T said...

Haha, people bring cats into cinemas, and hence the cat food?


nn said...

many people leave things in cinema. too excited to leave the theatre i guess.

Chili Crab said...

or perhaps they like to eat cat food while watching movies? wtf.

BabyMocha said...

LOL quite unbelievable!

Thanks for sharing!

Chia Chia said...

awesome~~ =D

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