My 1st Time~~

Hello~~I'm new to this blogging thing so i will introduce a bit about my blog :)

Well, I'm not really interest in blogging at first but i feel that there are many stuff running through my mind so i have this idea of putting all this into writing and share it to the world~~haha....

The title of my blog, "One more time, One more chance" is actually a inspiration from a song that i really like, it's a Japanese song by Masayoshi Yamazaki. The song is about the feeling of regret and hoping to change the fact by giving one more chance, which I'm sure that many many people feel the same way through some period of life. I like this song very much and it never fail to make me feel better whenever i feel sad and depress because of love.

I'm current on semester break, just finish my 2nd semester and glad to know that i got 3.51 for my GPA, YEAH!!! Although 3.51 is not a very good result, I'm still glad because already over my target (3.50), ermm...yea i know, just over 0.01, haha... and I had improve compare to last semester. Haven't told my mom about this yet but i think she will be happy to know it :)

Hmmm....That's all for now, next post i will start writing my thought and feeling. For now, i feel this blog is for me and you (the girl i misses so much) ,there are many things that i want to share with you, but sometimes it's seems to be impossible to reach you, i really hope you can see this blog and understand my feeling for you~~


P.S. Will always be missing you~~


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