My Heart~ 我输了

It's already 1.19a.m by now but i still decide to write my 2nd post as I not really feeling sleepy yet, haha :) Just now i watch the movie "Home" which is about our very Earth and how the selfishness of mankind are killing Earth, our own home planet. Well, although the movie is kinda boring, much boring than I expected, but it did deliver the main point and I hope this movie can affect all it's viewer out there. So let us unite and safe our Earth :)

It have been 1 day, well 2 day i guess if consider that it's over 12 when i'm writing now since the day she message me. Just another common forward message, the same kind that she will use to reply me, for example : .............................. ermmm, let's skip that part, haha. I have been telling myself to control my feeling, everyday i will be thinking what is she trying to tell me. Is she just want to be friend?? Is she avoiding me? Or is she need more time?

Telling myself that keep sending sms to her is not a wise move, i restricted myself from doing it. I'm fighting hard for the near 48 hour of struggle, keep holding my handphone, type message and delete it again is making me crazy, and by that time i understand "Love is like heroin". Addict to her, missing her, and in the end i press the send button. 我输了,输给了思念,输给了你。


The End for this post, but never be ending of missing you~~

P.S. I know multiple languague: English, Chinese, Malay, and a little bit Korean and Japanese,
so don't be surprise to see all language in one post :)


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