Not very sure what will be a suitable title for this post so put "Sunday", haha. Well today start as any normal day, as I'm enjoying my semester break at home doing nothing, seems everyday is like the same to me, that's why i decided to step out from my house today and have some activities :)

Today I ask one of my buddy Jason to go to Mengkuang Dam with me, and we depart around 5p.m. After quite a long distance, we finally reach our destination. It has been a long time since the last time i went there and the surrounding and scenery is still as beautiful as last time. We walk along the road and talk about our uni life. We share almost the same fate, in love matter. Until about 6.30p.m we went back home. I think i will try go Mengkuang more often, as it's a good place to relax and exercise. I love nature :)

At night my friend ask me out for PAA class reunion, well it's not really look like a reunion to me, just a few came and everyone are talking with their own gang. Kinda of boring to me, but it's a way to kill time also, haha. How I wish I can spend my time with her, every time spend with her is a miracle to me, seeing her and be with her is only thing matter to me. My friends around advice me that i should give up on her, but how can i just let go like that.

Being with her is not a choice for me anymore, for now i just want to be with her forever. She make me realise that i only want and waited for her in my entire life. It's not because she is pretty alone attracted me, but her innocent, clumsiness, and every every personality about her that make me feel that i want to protect her and be with her for the rest of my life. The feeling is so strong as it won't fade away even after this semester break end. I'm hopelessly in love with you, but can you feel that same way??

The End~


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