Kind of boring~

As the title show, I really begin to feel kind of boring staying at home. My friends are either go work, do something else, not free, already went to study and etc. So just left me, at home doing nothing, well i did do something ( Facebook, YouTube, listen song, ....... ) but doing it over and over again is driving me nuts. Some more i don't seems to have mood to watch all the drama available.


Actually I been planning to do lot's of things at home during this semester break. Going out and hang out with my buddy is part of it of course, brush up my Korean language skill before it get rust out, and many other things (secret), haha. I have already accomplish part of it so far but now i feel kind of no mood and lazy, hehe.

Today, when I was surfing the net, I saw article about origami so I decided to learn one of the origami that I always wanted to make. It's actually just a normal heart shape :)

Pretty isn't it?? Haha... I'm so proud of myself :)

Tomorrow I have to all alone again. The original plan is to play badminton at morning but one of my friend is not free =.=", now planning how to spend my time tomorrow. Everytime lonely I will start missing her again...~Sigh~

The End.


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