Early Arrive~

Today is Father's day, so first of all I would like to wish all dad around the world "Happy Father's Day" :)

Like Mother's day, our family didn't celebrate it. Yea I know, it did sounds weird but it's normal in our family I guess. Our family member (Including me) is not very good in expressing ourself, wishing other people sometimes seems like a hard thing to do. I call it "Our family thing", haha.

My eldest sister brought my dad a watch, and at the same time brought me one as well for my upcoming birthday (August 28th), 2 month earlier =.="", but I don't mind getting present earlier ;) . My present is also a watch, Chevignon brand, and cost around RM100+. My sis told me it's supposely cost about 400+ but after discount turn to 100+ ,swt=.="". The first thought in my mind is "Must be unpopular product, that's why discount so much", haha.

My Watch

Well it turn out quite ok for me, thought I think it's a little big for me, but i think I will get used to it:) The watch looks kind of classic and bold, just something that I'm looking for :) ,Thanks sis for this cool present :) and also thanks to my future brother in-law for choosing this watch for me ;)

I'm writing this blog earlier as later (12a.m) suppose blogger.com will be undergoing maintainance. Tomorrow finally I can get to group with my buddy and play badminton, hehe. Looking forward for tomorrow :)

Wonder how you are doing today?? How's is your family celebrating Father's day?? I guess all your brother sister will be back to celebrate for him, "Happy Father's Day" to your dad :)

The End~
P.S. Mistaken the Father's Day date=.="", really paiseh....hehe..


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