New Beginning~

It has been a long time since the last time i update my blog. No much mood to do things, and staying at home doing almost nothing except facebook can be really frustrating. Sign~ What else can I do to save my boring life, haha.

Today is the 1st day for the new undergraduate student of 1st semester (09/10) . I'm feeling pretty excited as I will be seeing many faces ( I hope~ ) when I start my 3rd semester in University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). Hopefully there will be much more Chinese enter UniMAP, especially for mechanical engineering course, especially girls ;p haha~ just kidding about the girls part. I still can recall back when I first enter UniMAP, the beginning of my Uni life and now seem time go so fast that I already finish my 1st year. I truly hope that for all my junior, they will be starting their exciting and fun period of their life and enjoy it :)

Good Luck on your orientation week :)

I still miss her badly. Even that I have stop sms with her for quite a long time already, I can still feel her present in my heart. My mind repeatedly replaying the moment of being with her, so happy that i want to be with her even more. I still always wonder if she will be thinking about me during this semester break, I have been avoiding sms with her as i scare her boyfriend will found out and i don't want her to be in trouble. I like her so much but I cannot ask more from her. Should I just give up on her or wait til she say yes to me??

I think most of the blogger out there had write about MJ, that the legend of pop sadly pass away. Although I'm not a fan of yours' ,but after seeing MJ's concert replay last night, I must say that I respect you and you will always be the legend in our heart.

You are not alone,
For I'm here with you,
Though you're far away,
I am here to stay~

You are not alone,
For I'm here with you,
Though we're far apart,
You're always in my heart~

You are not alone~~ (To MJ and the princess in my heart)



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