After been planning for several day, me and my buddy all decide to watch "Transformers: The Revenge of The Fallen" today at Sunway Carnival Mall. Well Sunway Carnival Mall is kind of our primary choice of place to hang out, haha. We went to buy ticket early to get nice place, then go to have our lunch. Then we went to play arcade, my favourite arcade game "Initial D stage 3", and win over my buddy most of the time til they get fed up, haha. After all this we head to cinema and wait for the big screen to light on.

The movie itself is GREAT, even from the beginning I found myself enjoying the movie very much. All the actor play their role perfectly, and Megan Fox is as hot as always, haha. I love the fighting scene between autobots and decepticons. Autobots Optimus Prime and Bumblebee show us all that they can really kick some decepticons' ass, and I like the cool fighting style of Side Sweeper :) Since only the Fallen are kill by Optimus and Megatron with Starscream run like coward, I guess there will be another great sequal of Transformers movie coming. Can't wait for the next already, Autobots TRANSFORM!!!

A little story of me~

Today my housemate told me that we will be changing living place again. Now I have to change to single room and seperate with my roommate :( sad~~ Sigh~ It will be a very different 2nd year starting for me, I can only hope that all the change will be good for me. Time goes very fast, with only 2 more days I have to return to my Uni life once more and fight for my result. But I'm more worry about meeting her, I getting nervous just by thinking about her, I think because I'm scare that everything will be over, for me and her~~

Breath~~Control urself~~Breath~~

Don't want to think about it anymore, I will face whatever come to me. Wish me goodluck :)

The End~


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