The last day of holiday~

A few more hour later, the moment I wake up tomorrow will be the mark of a new beginning of my 3rd semester in UniMAP. I feeling half of my heart want to go back and half of it still want enjoy holiday, but I have to return to Kg.Wai anyway. Just today I found out that my coursemate give me the wrong information earlier and my new living place is actually KKD-26-3A. Mean that I won't be same house with my previous housemate anymore and live with my other coursemate. I'm shock at first but there is nothing I can do, have to return Kg.Wai first and discuss with others about any possible plan to change house/room.

As I move my every single thing back home during end of 2nd semester, I have to pack up all the things back again, took me some hour to get it done. I was hoping that I can drive my dad's old car but he didn't seems to trust me enough yet so I guess I have to spend another semester with the stupid bus management. I hope that this time they can improve their service quality much much more.

The last thing is still about her. She did not reply my sms til now, but I still hoping to meet her tomorrow, as soon as I reach Kg.Wai. I starting to think about how she will react once she sees me. Izzit the confusing look that she always look at me or that happy smile that make me fall for her again and again. After 2 month of seperation, I don't know whether is it a good thing or a bad thing, I can only know by meeting her, and that time I hope she can give the answer that I have been looking for this past 2 month.

Well, that's it, my semester break sayonara~ The period is sometimes boring, sometimes painful, sometimes happy, sometimes excited, and now after rest for so long I will continue my very main objective: To score 3.65 or higher in my 3rd semester GPA result.

I hope to score in academic and in love too, wish me good luck k :)

Seeing you soon, I want to tell you that I miss you the very first moment we meet.

The End~


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