Friday Night - MaiCafe

Finally its Friday again, all my class finish earlier than usual, but this is not a week to relax, 2 report and 2 assignment plus mid term exam on next week~ It will be a damn busy like hell weekend T.T (Plan don't want sleep tonight just to study, wonder I can tahan that long or not :D)

Well just to be prepare for tomorrow~ Let enjoy this Friday night first. My coursemate is kind enough to fetch three light bulb (Me, WeiZhong and SinLi) to eat with them (Mr.LTW and Mrs.KCH) for dinner at MaiCafe. Personally I never went there before so wonder how's the place looks like and food taste like~

Waiting to be fetch~ Full moon tonight~

Take photo of moon with my W810~(Lol, Alpha Ace must be laughing at my photo now~ I know this photo sucks^^

Finally we reach MaiCafe~

The place turn out to be quite nice, environment quite nice~ The light look nice, but not too bright (We three are much brighter :D)

They even have product of their own brand

Ok~ Now let see how's the food taste like~ The food come out quite fast, Good service and no service charge somemore^^ Below is the food we ordered :D

My Cappuccino Blended^^

My Fish and Chip

Mushroom Soup

Err...Forgot what this call le^^



This cat keep coming at me and beg for food~ Sorry cat, you came to the wrong place, go into the kitchen :P

In the end all of us are satisfy with everything~ Good food this Friday^^ Now wait for WeiZhong and SinLi write about this :P Finish enjoy lo~ next....Study time T.T

The END~


lovine said...

u 3 got "da pao " for me not haha lolX :D

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

Haha. Damn smart you ask the cat go inside the kitchen find food.
Yummy cappucino you got there x)

Nikel Khor said...

ur cafe ar?relax nya

from Nikel Khor

Anonymous said...

you so bad for not giving the cat some food >.<

pikey said...

Where's this cafe located?

Bruce828 said...

Lovine: Haha~ask TeckWei bring you there next time la^^

Elaine: Yaya, The cappuccino blended really taste great^^

Nikel: "My"

WeiJia: Lol,I'm very hungry ma,that cat keep begging me for food,I told her go kitchen beg the chef :P

Pikey: The cafe is at Perlis, somewhere between Kangar and Padang Besar I think^^

lovine said...

i dun want to be the 4 light bulb anyways ..haha..hunt for it soonner..somehow i starting to like urs blog ler..a lot of food posting v like haha..lolx

aproxidiamun said...

syor lo u..hahaha

Elaine New said...

if the cat go 2 kitchen, probably kena sembelih d. haha.

Alpha Ace said...

ok lah~ overall pics ok mah~
coOL man ... just relax~

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