Tiger's Birthday :D

8th January 1988~ One life make its existence in this peaceful world, and since then this world is not peaceful anymore. Although he bring a lot of noise and disturbance to many who pass his way, he also brings the same amount of joy and fun to them. Who am I referring to??

Nope, not Mr.Carlsberg here~

Not Mr.Guinness too~

Is Him~ Our Mr.Tiger!!! :D

And because of him, on 8th January 2010, all of us get to celebrate his birthday by having steamboat!!! Syok man^^ Honestly its the first time for me to have steamboat.. haha, so big already now only get the chance to eat steamboat :P

There are like 20+ of us all take the seafood, chicken, and many other ingredients~ We practically almost empty the fridge I think :D and everyone starts throwing everything into soup and grill everything we got^^ Its kind of fun~

Look at all the fish and prawn that we grill, its like a seafood fiesta!!! Everyone of us have so much of fish and prawn inside our stomach, totally satisfying :D

Need prove?? Here are one of the prawn skin "mountain" that we peel :D and there are like 5 or 6 of this mountain~ pretty impressive for me^^ I guess everyone of us are very damn hungry :D

Here is out Tiger grilling the fish~ We eat for almost 2 hour non-stop, and travel from table to table to eat while waiting the food get ready to eat :D

WeiZhong stomach after finish eat~ How many month he already pregnant?? Ha~ :D

WeiZhong playing flashlight after finish eat~ Lol

TeeWei posing for me~lol, he is the second most Lengzai in my course, first place is Tiger la ok TeeWei :P

I guess that's all for now, wish you Happy Birthday Tiger^^ May all your wishes come true this year :)

The END~


Nikel Khor said...

hungry stomach now la..see photo pun hungry..cham le..

Nikel Khor

~Live Life~ said...

Happy Birthday to your friend Tiger ba...saw the similar post like in WZ...

The Tiger Beer thingy as the opening is quite interesting...I still thought u promoting beer tim...=.=

uLi.佑莉 said...

Happy Birthday Tiger :p

Alpha Ace said...

oH~ man... u sucked Tiger out lehhh~

is ok to 1st time eat Steamboat ^0^
next time eat more ya~ eat until steam steam kakaka~

aproxidiamun said...

having fun wo..lol
wah!first time?r u kidding?hahaha

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