Coffee With Salt - Love Story

The story start when he meet her during a dinner function. At that time she looks so beautiful, with many guys around her trying to win her heart, yet he is just a average guy. He is so attracted to her, thus after the function finish he approach her to ask whether she is interested in going for a cup of coffee with him. She is shock by the approach, but she tries to be polite so she accept his offer.

Sitting inside the coffee shop, both of them began to feel the awkwardness, no topic between them, and the girl just want to get this over quickly so she can go back home. Just as the waitress bring the coffee over, he suddenly talk with the waitress "Can you bring some salt here?? I'm used to drink my coffee with salt". At that moment, the waitress and the girl just look at him as he is the center of attraction.

The waitress bring the salt to him, and he put some into his coffee and drink it slowly. The girl is curious about it, and ask "Why would you want to put salt into your coffee??" The guy silent for a moment, then explain" When I was small, my house is beside beach, and I always go the beach, play with sea water. As the sea wave hit me, the water enter my mouth, and it gives the bitter and saltiness taste. It has been long since I went home, and so I will always put some salt inside my coffee, it makes me feel I'm near to home"

The girl suddenly feel attracted to him as she never heard of guy talk with her about home, in her thought she thinks he must be a caring guy, a guy that would take care his family and love his family. She start to talk about her far away home too, and soon the awkward atmosphere change into a warmth and lovely one. They talk for a few hour, and she didn't reject as he offer to fetch her home.

As time goes by, two of them begin to develop a strong relationship, and she discover that he is really a decent guy, caring, loving, matches every good man's quality that she want. She feel lucky that night she agree to have cup of coffee with him, or she will miss this guy in her life. She brings him to coffee shop all over the town, and every time she will ask "Can you bring some salt over?? My friend here like coffee with salt" Soon~ just like in every fairytale story, the prince marry the princess and they live happily ever after. It really does, for more than forty years, until the guy caught up with disease and die soon after that.

Well well~ This story haven't end yet^^

Before that guy pass away, he write her a letter, inside the letter is as follow

"Forgive me for lying to you all this years, do you still remember the first time we have coffee together?? It feel so awkward that time, and I was feeling so scare and nervous, just out of sudden I ask the waitress for some salt. I don't really mean for that, but I just try to cover up my mistake, and make up the story. Never in my mind I thought that this will bring out your curiosity and because of this I drank coffee with salt for the rest of my life. I thought of telling you the truth many times but I scare you will be angry at me, and maybe will leave me for this..

Now I'm not feeling scare since I'm dying soon. It's always easier to forgive the dead people I suppose. Having you in my life is the greatest gift of all. If I got a second chance I will still want to marry you, just I don't want to drink anymore coffee with salt, you have no idea how it taste like, how on earth I thought of coffee with salt that time!"

The content of the letter shock her and her tear drop. She feel as she has been cheated all this time, but at the same time, he will never know that how much she wants to tell him that she is so happy that because of her, he can make up this lie for his whole life.

Sometimes one lie can also bring a lifetime happiness :) [from one of the famous love story online, checkout the Chinese version on this site^^]

The END~
P/S: Happy White Valentine's Day and our second week anniversary^^ Love you very much <3<3<3


Nikel Khor said...

wahahaha...lazy to read la..make it simple..

from Nikel Khor

Nic Da Nic said...

if it is a good lie...yeah..i might be accepting it.if it is a bad lie.It will be bad.
sometimes, when we want to be with somebody else that you feel connected.the best thing is be honest to each other

uLi.佑莉 said...

Hahhaha...long story~

kenwooi said...

read it before.. lovely =)

Supia Chao said...

Nikel you really lazy lorh..

read this story before, touching. Maybe one day should try coffee with salt.

Bruce828 said...

Nikel: Haha~I know tis is a long post~but I love this story^^

Nic Da Nic: Ya~I agree with u^^

uLi: Yaya~I know :P

Kenwooi: Ya I know, just recently only I heard about tis~ I'm kind of outdated i guess^^

Supia Chao: Haha, better don't try~ That guy probably die coz coffee add salt :P

Alpha Ace said...

shit ... i don't know how to lie ..but my girlfriend love me a lot.

is good to be an ordinary sincere man.

the salt has killed him. Salt in long run will destroy kidney, increase high blood pressure which leads to stroke...and many illnesses.

being polite, sincere and ordinary person is good in God's eye sight ;P

fiona06 said...

Ever read this story, one of my all time favourite! :D

:: hamano asuka :: said...

i think i read this somewhere but i forgot where...

shirley said...

sound interesting..

~Live Life~ said...

Yea...i read that somewhere too...

A lie can bring happiness? Then that lies on what circumstances and situation...but imo, there is no point of lying in a should love his or her partner of what he or she is...frankness counts!

QuiRkY-Malaysia said...

Good Idea!

I've tried coke with salt

tea with salt....

next is coffee with salt! Lol!

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