DiGi - Always The Smarter Choice??

That day me and sinli went to a chinese stall around my hostel area to have our dinner together. The aunty who always cook the best food for us student around is helping her local friends in distributing DiGi flyer that promotes DiGi Campus - a services made just for university student.

Cutey DiGi sticker :D

One of the most attracting things about DiGi Campus is of course the free call after RM 2 total daily usage, still remember that time everyone (especially couple) rush to purchase their new DiGi Campus number so they can get in touch with each other~ mostly for free!!!

Click on it to see

Just recently I believe all DiGi Campus user received one message:
Please be advised that effective 1 April 2010, DiGi Campus customers will be entitled to a maximum of one hundred (100) Free Voice minutes per day to other DiGi numbers upon hitting RM2 daily total usage.

Comparing only 100 minutes with 86000+ min that you can actually get??? The difference before and after 1st April is TOO MUCH!!!

Honestly I do feel disappointed...and so is my baby mindy~

Following by the change many people have their own opinion regarding this issue, for me and my girlfriend, although the free call turn to 100 min =.="" we will still keep in touch and send sweet sweet message to each other because of the free message!!! :P So DiGi will always be the choice for us

The END~


Aaron Chin said...

WHOA!!! promoting DIGI? :DD

Nikel Khor said...

send sweet message la..is free d..as me do so

MichLeong said...

Oh, The free call after RM2 no more then?

uLi.佑莉 said...

Eh, seriously I also dunno. I waiting for their iPhone plan :P

QuiRkY-Malaysia said...

Yellow man always follow around, hehehe.

WeiPin said...

although i still a kiddo, but i am still using digi campus XD btw i gt receive 1 msg, but not like wat u say.... it only state that there's a change in april.

Bruce828 said...

Aaron: Haha~ I think DiGi still a better choice, at least at my uni now :D

Nikel: Yaya, all message free :D

Michleong: Ya, according to DiGi, further Info can check on DiGi website^^

uLi: Wah, I want iPhone too :D

Quirky: Ya, Stalking on me somemore :D

WeiPin: Well you can check on DiGi website for newest info, hopefully all change for the best^^

Supia Chao said...

This is the business tactic. Give you many sweet promises at first and when they got more customer already they take back the privilege.

Use postpaid larh. Free calls and free sms.

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

they tend to attract you all first, later on they change all the plans they want! =)
I am Hotlink Youth Club member!

WeiPin said...

haha... feel disappointed abit, but what can i do? my friend all are using digi. even though i love hotlink/maxis, i am still forced to subscribe to digo T,T

zuiyanhong said...

Digi have a lot of hidden conditions.

sion said...

Lol, limited to 100min 0w0

Leon said...

digi is like starhub in singapore.. changing all the rules of the industry :)

Greetings from singapore!


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