Happy Birthday :)

It has been a long long time since my last post. Many thing happen during this period and i think i don't want to talk about it that detail~ I will mention it if necessary :) haha. As I'm writing this post, few more hour after that will be my birthday :) 28th August is always a special date for me, the time to received wishes and presents from my beloved friends and family, the day that I feel so warm even it's raining season now.

Good thing is that I just finish my mid term test, so I don't have to study on my birthday at least. Now just relaxing, but still have 3, i mean 5 report to settle. So many thing to do, life is so busy ~sigh~

One of the most important part of birthday~ wish ~
Actually there are nothing special that I really want for this year, seems that I have everything I need for now :) , is just that part of my heart still feel empty inside, still waiting my love. It might be not appropriated to think about this now, but I really hoping to meet that special person, just wish to fall in love for real and able to love. If only she can be my love, but no more chances, she already have boyfriend and she told me she still love him, and so I decided to forget of her and just be good friend, something that I'm still trying to do.

So now I just put this love matter aside and have GOD to show me the road :) Hoping not very far from now I will meet the girl I love and she love me too. That will be wonderful :) Now I just wish that I can do well for my study, not only this semester but also for the rest of my university life and get honour in my result. Must work really hard to achieve that :)

I won't be posting much during my study as my life is getting more and more busy, well not much people is coming to view my blog anyway so that won't be a much problem for me :)

The End~
P/S: Happy birthday to me and to every other people who share the same birthday with me :)
And my sis in Uni now :)


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