Another Start ^^

Yes!!! Finally after lots of hard work and efforts, I had successfully complete the setting and new layout for my blog, part of it thanks to the creator of dilectio blogger template (such a nice template I must say^^). Hopefully I will make my blog more attractive looking in the future, ha~^^

Again, it has been a while since the last time i wrote in my blog. Many things happen during this period, busy with tons of assignment and report at first, and then non-stop studying for my 3rd semester exam. I'm very glad that all of that has finally over, and now I can only start praying for my result~ pls pls PLS at least let me get an A- for all of my subject, hope that HE up there heard me^^

There's actually so many things that i really want to share with you all but I think I will do this one at a time^^. First thing that i want to talk about is Program I(also known as Program Innovative), with its objective is to give chance to student to create or improve new/available product. This special program only exist in one IPTA in Malaysia (UniMAP obviously=.=|||) and "lucky" for us, we have to attend this program as well.

I'm in the group under leadership of my leader=.=||, weizhong and title for our group is portable desk. For all the success and completion of our prototype, I would definitely give all the credits to my leader weizhong and huite^^ thanks lot for doing most of the job, and also tzesen and other few member in my group for helping out, personally I didn't do much, just offering my transport to them^^

Well in the end our group didn't win anything back, but we are all glad that the program is finally over. Program over mean holiday start, YAHOO!!! ^^, everyone of us go back to our own hometown that day, and start our semester break. For me, there is lots of things to do this holiday, and blogging is definitely one of them :)

The END~
P/S: To my dear sis in uni, I hope that all your sadness will be gone after you reach home, feel the warmth of your family, be happy, and I don't want see any of those precious tears from you again k~ oh that really scares me off, haha^^


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