What a tired day today, as I'm writing this post I can feel my head spinning a bit and blood vessels in my head is pooping out, minor dizziness. I woke up today at 5.10a.m, because my second elder sister is going on a flight back to china for work. Approximately 4 hour of sleeping, I decided to lies on my bed 20 minutes more until my mom call me^^, then quickly rush out of my room, get myself prepare to go along with my sister together with my mom, my eldest sister and her husband, destination: Penang International Airport.

First time to see airport is quite an excitement to me, while my sister went to check in her luggage and bag, I look around and saw:

1.Expensive shops selling expensive things
2.Many people are preparing for their trip, even heard the tour guide saying "Anyeong Haseyo", guess they are going to Korea.
3.A few pilot and air stewardess heading for their next flight, and what a let down, I wonder how old are those air stewardess, they look so old =.=""

Glad to know that my sis has already reach her living place in Ningbo,China. Good luck to you lo~ See you next year on Chinese New Year 2010^^

For this third semester, I have see many kind of changes during this period. For me, it has been a ride of confusion, losing direction but in the end I finally realize something important, thanks to L.S, glad that I talk with you that day:)

For my eldest sister, she is just married to her newly hubby on 18th November 2009. Finally she got married^^, and hey sis, If you are reading this, grown up already lo~learn housekeeping and cooking lo, don't always do nothing^^. Too bad I miss out and unable to attend the wedding dinner because of my stupid thermodyanmics exam=.=". Well anyway, I feel touch when I heard her husband sang her songs during the wedding dinner, and I'm happy for them :) Wish my sis: 一定要幸福咯 ^^

For my friends, things has also changes for them: someone makeup, someone brokeup, someone still waiting, someone still cannot decide, someone already decide..Well, all the changes opens up to a new beginning, so wish all my friends good luck^^

Suddenly already write so many things, ha~ My mind feeling real tired now.

The END~
P/S: Without accepting the fact that everything changes, we cannot find perfect composure. But unfortunately, although it is true, it is difficult for us to accept it. Because we cannot accept the truth of transience, we suffer ~Shunryu Suzuki


KiaHooi said...

oi, some air stewardess very young and leng one ok, you've not seen them all yet!

see u in 2.5 mths time!!

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