Oh my~ for this whole day I feel like as if someone is pressing my head from both left and right side, pressuring my brain inside. Probably due to lack of sleeping I guess, but I don't want to be sleeping, as I feel like sleeping is wasting my time, I need to use every time I got, only one more month until my semester break ends.

My plan for this semester break is pretty much like what I always plan for past holiday

1. Play and going out with my friends
2. Watch drama, my sis introduce me this new Korean drama title "You're beautiful"
3. Learn Korean language, because of my mom accidentally throw away all my notes, I have to rewrite and learn everything back, hopefully I can finish it this holiday^^
4. And of course, Blogging~ ha~ plan to do it every night if I can^^

For now, I'm planning to watch movie with bunch of my friends, still in progress, deciding the date, time and movie to watch~ hopefully this plan works^^

Want to share with you all this remix Korean MV, I really love it, hope you all enjoy :)

The END~
P/S: I really love Korean^^, 한국 화이팅!!!^^


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