Wedding again~

This morning I went to my relative house as my cousin is getting married. So many people are getting married this month, my sister is married, my friends relative getting married, my neighbor also, and every time I drive there will be one or two married decorated car pass by, I'm definitely feeling this wedding season~ love is in the air^^

I sleep after return home as my headache is getting serious, and even after I wake up still my headache does not fade away.

During night time, me and my parent went to my cousin's wedding dinner. So many people attend, and I don't like to be at places with a lot of people, especially with my relative, like they expect you to say something or what. I just sms while waiting for my food to come^^ The food is quite ok, and the singing~ quite ok also la^^

The END~
P/S: to my cousin and cousin in-law, 一定要幸福哦^^


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