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Today~ 1st of December 2009, one more month and we will be reaching year 2010. Time leave us so fast(history), yet time also waiting for us(future), just hopefully 2012 is not really the end for our world. Ha~

Since my holiday started, I've search for any new movies to watch with my friends. To my disappointment there ain't much movies to choose from, but still there are still some decent movie out there, such as:

1. 2012: The first movie I watch this holiday, the storyline is ok while what really makes the movie interesting and stunning is the special effect, all the earthquake, land falls apart, sea consume the land with massive tsunami, super volcano erupt like super atom bomb, and that crazy dude charlie^^ I even watch the movie twice.

2. The Twilight Saga:New Moon: The continue love story between Edward (the bloody charming vampire) and Bella (the cute, innocent girl^^) starts when Edward decided to leave Bella after the bloody incident involving birthday present and paper cut. As Bella feel the unbearable pain with absent of Edward, sitting in her room looking out the window (October~ November~ December~^^) Jacob walk in the stage and accompany her til at some point figure out he is actually a werewolf. And so a triangle love between and vampire, a human girl and a werewolf.

The movie is ok for me, as I follow the story and fan of twilight saga (although I just finish read twilight only^^) Well, it's definitely your movie if you wan to see man with build muscle, six pack, anabolic steroids^^. I enjoy the movie coz I love Bella and Alice^^ Rosalie looks too old for me~ ha~

For my next movie, I'm going to ask bunch of my friends to watch with me together, still under planning and everything still seems a mess for me. Hopefully this plan will work out~ and post my next movie review :)

The END~


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