Christmas Carol

As planned for today, me and friends went to Bandar Perda Jusco to watch movie: A Christmas Carol.

From the novel by Charles Dickens, our star in the movie (Ebenezer Scrooge) is a cold-hearted and greedy old man who despises Christmas, having no faith and spirit of Christmas, and extremely long pointed nose, as same as his chin =.="" When one night his long dead business partner buddy Jacob visit him and start throwing this long chain of steel and scare the hell out of off Ebenezer (Too much of detail, I will skip all that^^)

This is a short one and a half hour movie, not that enjoyable, quite boring, but it still serve its main purpose, giving its viewer some moral value and for me, I still pretty much enjoy the movie (yawning~) ha~^^

I still enjoy today as me and my friends get to group together again, not many people come but number doesn't matter, I'm still happy they all who show up^^ All of us enjoying the time, and laugh in our stupid jokes^^

December, the month where every shopping mall starts get decorated with Christmas trees and beautiful shinny bell, I definitely feeling the Christmas season coming~

The END~


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