The Differences

On this month of December, everyone want to do their shopping, everywhere is having discount, and so everybody rush to buy everything that they want (and of course must be cheap!!!)

One of the big sales going on now is the Final PIKOM PC Fair for 2009. My friends went to the fair at Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) and get for themself and their family some great bargains. There are so many people around, and promoter wearing purple,orange,yellow,blue and etc^^. Not to forget pretty girls walking all over the place~ so envy my friends :)

Another big sales also happening, at Billion Kota Permai. My mom ask me to go buy 2 tin of crackers and 2 packet of cookies with oat. I reach there just on time as there are time limit for special discount, and I was shock. People already reach there much earlier and fighting to get what they want. First time ever I shop like this, after I get all the item I want, I line up to wait for my turn to pay money, surrounded by aunties and uncles=.="" and the worst part, i waited for almost 2 hour til I finally reach the counter, somemore got 3 aunty cut my line=.=""

看你是 Aunty 把了,我忍~ Then there was this aunty look at me for a long time, I was thinking maybe I look decent today?? ha~ Then that aunty ask me one question

Aunty: 你住在南美园的啊?? (You live in Nan Mei Yuan??)
Me : 不是不是 (No No) =.=""

Swt... Wish I can follow my friends to PC Fair today =.=""

The END~


Anonymous said...

u shud folo me go de la....y dwn le....just me n my sis oni..plenty of place to u sumore ma...haha....

Bruce828 said...

Yea lo, better follow you go watch leng lui^^

KiaHooi said...

haha, kesian hv to shopping surrounded with aunties... =p

u should go PC Fair and help me check out the harddisc ma....

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