Censorship in China

As I'm web surfing today, I run into this article. Picture below shows some examples of sites and search terms censored by "China's Great Firewall" :D

The words are display in a interesting graphic, which looks like the country China I think^^ Click on the picture if you can't see the words in it. I will list out some of the interesting keywords :)

Beijing Spring

Brutal Torture

Chinese Democracy


Brain Wash


Eighty-Nine (I don't understand this??)

Buddha Stretch a Thousand Hands (Huh???)

Human Rights


Tainanmen Incident


Underground Church

Check the picture to find out more^^

P/S: Is it really true sis?? Check this out for me would you :D (My sister is working at China now^^)


Mindy said...

Buddha Stretch a Thousand Hands means 千手观音...lol...89 i dunno..

Nikel Khor said...

u wan go round world meh?

from Nikel Khor

dknypg83 said...

interesting!! thanks for sharing... cheers..

uLi.佑莉 said...

Interesting :)

Elaine New said...

nice pic! =)

PoisonKagero said...

Interesting :)

PoisonKagero said...

Interesting :)

Alpha Ace said...

i know that i only likes their China Chics ... hot, sweet and big boobs~!!!

XD China Dollz rock~!

KiaHooi said...

i'm not sure about the keywords they block, but they do block a lot of web content. thank god I hv VPN... =D

aproxidiamun said...

woooooo,cool man.,hahahahahhaah

aproxidiamun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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