Secret : Raspberry Cheese ^^

Sunday 24th January, today is the birthday of my course mate Mr.Wee Tee Wei (Click on this link to check on his photo, 2nd most leng zai in my course :D) Didn't go out celebrate, but we all went to his house to make some noise^^ Everybody standing inside the house til full, then light up the candle, sing birthday song~ pretty normal right??

That is just the normal part, after that they (my course mate) will find who is the "lucky" one that can get a signiture on their ass from our birthday boy (ermm, man already lo :D) here, and CCL, Tiger and JunChow ^^. One of them run away, but still everyone after him and pull down his pants to get his ass sign-ed :D

Everyone holding his arm and leg, like trying to rape him~lol, and everybody else take out their handphone to snap some photo for long lasting memories :D In the end, CCL get turtle sign, Tiger get tiger sign and JunChow get~ Sky Heart sign :P (Only my coursemate will understand this ^^)

After that, I went to get my secret ^^. My dear sis help me buy a Raspberry Cheese cake from Secret Recipe that just opened at Kangar. This few days everyone from UniMAP talks about Secret Recipe "Finally Secret Recipe make his mark at this ulu place" and now everyone can get to eat all this tasty cake at Perlis ^^

My sis say this taste the best wor, so I buy this flavour. Taste good :) ~ and expensive :D so take my time to enjoy this piece of cake~

This photo make the cake look bigger?? :D

Yummy~^^ Thanks Sinli :) For helping me buy this cake, she stingy don't want treat me~lol :P After my mid term exam I will visit the shop myself, see how's the real shop and the suppose "handsome looking" owner of the shop~ haha.

The END~


Nikel Khor said...

here me visit

from Nikel Khor

lovine said...

omg!u guys..tee wei second hensem? who's said??(he sure will happy till cry soon don't say so.. lol!) wa..just now,im have a new intention to hunt for the cake sooner..thanks for the info ..hehe

sinli said...

how dare u say me u buy still wan say me stingy....hng hng~~~~~

♥Baboon♥ said...

nice cake! =)
SR cake is delicious.

Anonymous said... naughty la u all. Sign at the ass..XD

Nic Da Nic said...

why so small?

Nic Da Nic said...

why so small?

blue_jazz5471 said...

Hmm...interesting party huh? I wonder all guys a?

Have a good day! and have fun at uni...=)

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