Weekend: Busy and Blog~

Just finish visiting all my fellow blogger friends, keeping this routine daily is something that I would like to do whenever possible even now that my life is turning more hectic and busy~

Reach library this early morning, part of the reason is the internet connection at KKD sucks, always on off on off like that =.=, so come over library to blog and blogwalking (See my dedication?? Lol)

Aside from that, I also planning to settle the assignment given by my lecturer. This week got so many work: Numerical Analysis assignment, Fluid mechanics assignment, and also I have to study for all the subject. First Mid Term exam is going to be on next next week, which is actually 8 days left ( OMG!!! ) and shit I still have no mood to study, assignment and report keep coming while the exam is waiting for me.... Sigh~

That's all for now, after my mid term exam I will be posting new post frequently^^ At the mean time, do visit me too ya, I will visit everyone of you as well :P

The END~


Nikel Khor said...

play first la..

from Nikel Khor

uLi.佑莉 said...

You add oil!! :)

kenwooi said...

all the best =)


♥ Renise said...

gambatte bruce :]

Anonymous said...

Gee...looked reli busy...@@..got sumthing wanna tell u. I think dat it's quite important...that is...

Tuesday is my last exam paper.....@@
And then holiday...*evil laugh*


Awww...gud luck for yr coming mid term! *wink*

Alpha Ace said...

blog less loh bro~

keep up wif study ya~ kampateh

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