Babies With Laser Eyes !!!

Wow~ Found this cool website that shows how cuteness and dangerous can exist at the same time - babies !! Not just any ordinary babies, now they are enhance with super power - Laser eyes !! :P

See how cute those babies, no don't look at them or they will fry you with their high intensity laser^^

The maker of all this photograph - the frogman did all this laserfication on babies, so if you want to put some laser eyes on your babies, just send the the babies picture to frogman and he will give your babies this cool laser eyes effect^^

Yes!!! I got laser eyes now baby~ Now I can get many babe now, see I got sexy red color laser~ Oh no, did I hurt you? :P

The END~
P/S: Ask WeiZhong put laser on baby (He is learning Photoshop^^)


uLi.佑莉 said...

Muahahha...hou geng ar!!! Super baby ...

Nikel Khor said... such thg meh..y i dunno d.

from Nikel Khor

Yunchun said...

gyaaahahaaahahaa... it's so funny picture... ooowwh so cute baby...
I like it... cool!!

♥ HL ♥ said...

LOL!!! cool~

Stefanie said...

Hey! So tell me what's going on? They look so weird. I don't want the ewww babies.

cikWa said...

Terkojot mak tengok gambar first tu
nway nice entry!
thanks for visiting my blog
p/s :the 2nd pic is perfectly edited.good one

Alpha Ace said...

>.<" i don wan laser eyes can boh?

i wan see through eyes ^^"

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