A Week After 14th February

First of all I would like to say sorry to all my loyal visitors out there because I have been busy this whole week and no time to update my blog, I rather spend time sleeping when I'm free ( Yes I'm pig baby :P) Since so much to say for this whole holiday week I just plan to upload some photo I took :) A picture is worth a thousand words ^^

My sister showing off her newly Gucci Bag :P

My cup of cappuccino^^

My buddy - The Pro Time Crisis player

His assistant :P

Me and Chenlin camwhoring :P

Waiting to watch the movie - Wolfman

TGV's door

Our cinema hall number - 5

Beautifully decorated ceiling

My dinner - Chicken Fillet Pineapple Cheese Baked Rice (Name so long :D)

Looks yummy, and really delicious^^

When shopping for baby's surprise gift^^

Will I buy this for baby?? (This is a pencil case that looks like toothpaste with Mona Lisa on it^^

After one week holiday, this is the amount of Ang Pow I got^^ Guess how much amount I got?? :P

And my Nuffnang earning after 2.5 month^^

See it?? Is RM 100.06 :D (Thanks Nuffnang^^)

The END~
P/S: Should I cash out my money now?? Hmmm~


jcxj said...

Faster belanja us makan after you cash in your money! =p

lovine Fong said...

get back on the track ler...saw the angpow..made me feel cny was haven't end at all..>.<*

uLi.佑莉 said...

Cash out la...I also just cash out mine...hehe!

kenwooi said...

looks like you're having fun =)


Elaine New said...

omg. darling toothpaste! haha. n congrats for the nuffnang! how long u joined already?

Nikel Khor said...

i like ur earning lor..keke..belanja makan..

from Nikel Khor

Mindy said...

bear bear..it's so cute....i want~~~~~

Anonymous said...

ooo..jealous leh...*jealous* *jealous*

Stefanie said...

Thanks for the rm50. :p Sharing is caring.

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