Happy Chinese New Year + Valentines Days 2010

Feeling kind of lazy since I reach home on 12th Feb, cut my hair and waited for the big day. The big day (14th Feb) is actually two in one, Chinese New Year and Valentine's day. Very special for this year (Year of Tiger) but for me it's kind of weird and I think this two in one day is not good, personal opinion :) Everybody write about Chinese New Year and Valentine's day, so what happens to me??

Wish everyone HAPPY TIGER NEW YEAR^^
COOL Tiger Year^^

Just the day before Chinese New Year, as I was going to sit down on my chair suddenly the leg of the chair break and good thing I didn't get any injury from this chair incident. I suppose this a sign??
I had gain weight baby^^

This lead to my curiosity so I had a check on is me (Dragon) compatible with the year of Tiger. All this days you can hear about prediction of Chinese astrology on radio and television constantly~ I google on it and found out that Dragon is OK with this year, I mean more good than bad I suppose^^ You guys can check on this website about astrology, I dunno about the accuracy but it good for some clue on this year :)

First day of Chinese New Year, which is also Valentine's day (Is it??) That's the problem, I can't really feel the atmosphere of love around. I tend to just wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year and forgetting about Valentine's day, she even ask me why didn't I wish her Happy Valentine's day (Oh~ Sorry baby, Happy Valentine^^) Everything is so red everywhere, even when I gone out with my sister for movie, I just feel CNY everywhere, so is it something wrong with me??

Talk about the movie, me, my two sister and brother in law went to watch "Little Big Soldier" starring Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom (Yes that's the reason for the movie, my sis is big fan of Wang Lee Hom, lol) I'm not going to write a review for this movie, but for me this is a decent movie to watch, especially on this festive season with family and friends. Just a bit sad that Jackie die in the end this time, and not Lee Hom (Opps.. Spoiler =P)

14th FEBRUARY 2010, same as usual, normal celebration for Chinese New Year, but special for Valentine's day, because this year finally a girl celebrating with me :) Even though we are far apart now, our heart is closer than ever^^ We will celebrate Valentines together when we meet again, wish to hug baby so much~ <3 Everyday is valentines is hard to do, but I wish to make you feel that, everyday :)

The END~
P/S: ♥♥♥


Elaine New said...

omg. ur lucky ur not injured! tat could break ur back bone!

Nikel Khor said...

is bored on the CNY..

from Nikel Khor

kenwooi said...

lol ganas la.. broke the chair..
anyway, happy CNY =)


Anonymous said...

@@.........Jackie Chan died?? T__T I'm not gonna watch dis movie den...*sobs*

Anonymous said...

Wah, sweet neh Mr Bruce.
Anyway, happy CNY and best wishes for you two (=

Ken said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Pity the chair lar, bro...
What a sad ending if Jackie Chan dies at the end...=(

Mindy said...

<3~~~ miss u too, baby....

lovine Fong said...

haha sweetttttt~~~!!

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