My Korean Teaching Blog - Korean Sarangheyo

It's really been long since my last update, and this is because I setting up my new blog^^

Let me introduce to you all

My New Korean Teaching Blog - Korean Sarangheyo ^^

After a few days setup the blog, fixing the template, and wrote a few post I'm now proudly present this blog to my fellow reader =) Although I'm still not good in Korean but I hope to share my interest and knowledge to anyone who interested ^^

Do support my new blog ya~ I'm not quitting Bruce828 blogspot and will run both blog at the same time, for any update please follow me via facebook or tweeter k ^^

The END~


uLi.佑莉 said... rajin ya ^^

engtaukia said...

got tamil 1 ar? XD

Bruce828 said...

uLi: Haha, am I?? ^^

engtaukia: I dunno tamil leh~ you wan to learn?? :D

Ronikenz said...

WOW, new korean blog eh? Cool. (:

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