Third Year 5th Semester - Prolouge

Time pass so fast, my two month semester break has come to an end today. Tomorrow I'm gonna start my third year 5th semester. Thinking back the last two year I spend at UniMAP, I had really experience many thing and now the journey continue.

By now my buddy FK is already at UMP, JC on his way to KL, CQ at home don't know what he is doing now, and my baby is on her way to me ^^ All of us are preparing to start of new semester and I believe everyone of us feel reluctant to start new semester again. Home is just too comfort and wonderful place.

I hope that next semester is gonna be a good one, it better be. Everything will be OK =)

Later gonna be busy packing and shopping. Can't wait to see you baby :-X

The END~
P/S: My 80th post, wonder when I will reach the 100th post??


waikit said...

good luck in future undertakings! :D

chenlin said...

arrgh..i cnt find my name thr..T.T

Bruce828 said...

Waikit: Thx bro^^ Wish tou the same too =)

Chenlin: Sorry sorry^^ We same Uni ma so no mention lo :P Do visit me when you free ya :D

KwOnG FeI said...

good luck dude!!!
and enjoy ur remaining study years~

uLi.佑莉 said...

enjoy ur studies la.... :)

Ronikenz said...

JYJY you can reach 100 in no time. :))

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